What is the "Complete the Suite" offer?

The Microsoft Dynamics “Complete the Suite” offer gives you the opportunity to easily add an industry-leading CRM solution to any Microsoft ERP purchase. A combined Microsoft ERP + CRM solution helps delivers significant cost savings, greater return on your investment and improved customer relationships by:

  • Leveraging existing Microsoft technologies

  • Improving data visibility and customer relevance

  • Connecting back-office with relevant customer processes

  • Enabling you to speak with one consistent and compelling voice to your customers

The Microsoft Dynamics “Complete the Suite” offer allows customers who buy Microsoft Dynamics ERP to get Microsoft CRM licenses free.* For every Microsoft Dynamics ERP user license purchased before June 29, 2007 customers will receive one Microsoft Dynamics CRM user license free of charge.

* Enhancement plan for free licenses of CRM are applied at normal list price. See attached data sheet for more information.

Complete the Suite - Buy ERP get CRM offer sheet.pdf

Comments (2)
  1. Brian says:

    When was this published?  I am trying to find this on PartnerSource for confirmation before I offer it to some clients, but I cannot find it anywhere.

    Not doubting you, of course….

  2. Ben Vollmer says:


    Check with your PAM… They can confirm… Things take some time on PartnerSource to actually get posted… 🙁 So give it a few days, but it will be up there…



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