The CIO Weblog: will be acquired in 2007 – IDC

Interesting article, that points to a post from IDC.

2007 will be a year of intense "hyperdisruption" in the IT industry, with major structural changes taking place along different industry vectors at once — all interacting with each other and, more important, accelerating each other. In 2007, we’ll see small business become big, more software become services, more services become software, business IT players become more "consumer-ish," and consumer players become more businesslike. These disruptions, and others, will force most market leaders out of their comfort zones and open up new opportunities to those that choose to surf with these disruptions rather than stand against them.

IDC 2007 Predictions 

Link to The CIO Weblog: will be acquired in 2007 - IDC

Thanks Sonia for passing this along!

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