ISV News – Link Between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Office Accounting 2007

It seems like about once a day I get a question about a link between a lower end accounting solution and Microsoft CRM. If I had a nickel for every question where somebody wants to link Microsoft Small Business Financial's, QuickBooks, or the like. One of our partners in Kirkland, Washington is in the process of developing a link between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Office Accounting.

Part of their initial efforts for this product is to recruit CRM users, small business specialists and interested professionals who are willing to be advisors for this endeavor. Advisors will have the chance to influence the features of the software they are building and will get to evaluate pre-release versions of their application.

Visit to sign up and look at this application.


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  1. CRM2OA Team says:


    This is to inform you that the CRM2OA product has now been discontinued. We are no longer offering and pursuing development of this product.

    We thank you for your time and interest.

    With kind regards,

    CRM2OA Team

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