Building Parking Stickers

So, I am a little bit redneck... Ok... A LOT redneck.

So Customer Effective out of Greenville, SC sent me a screen shot of the parking sticker that they need to put in their cars for their parking lot. This proves that they are at least as redneck as I am. (maybe even a little more...)


Yeah... I know... This is about as mature as I get though... Thanks Mike and team for sharing... This is of course, my second favorite item I have seen... My favorite is this one from them from last year...

Of course I just found out a good friend of mine got hired on at and starts on the 1/2... So I probably ought not give them any more grief. (Just kidding...)

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  1. BarryD says:

    Considering Bill Watterson never released the rights to Calvin outside printing the strips and his books (with a couple of minor exclusions; see and has said that any t-shirts, bumper stickers etc are unauthorised and without permission this simply indicates Customer Effective are happy to ignore copyright and authors’ rights.

    (yes, I realise that’s a common Calvin rip off image anyway and I have no sense of humour)

  2. Ben Vollmer says:


    Spend 10 Minutes here in the States…. You will see Ford ones on Chevy’s and Dodge ones on both Ford and Chevy’s…. It is probably the MOST redneck sticker ever…. (And I say that as I look out into a parking lot here in Upstate NY with about 30 trucks, two non american cars and counted 12 of these stickers…)

    If you don’t have a sense of humor, may I suggest that you read the CRM team’s blog. They are devoid of a sense of humor. <BG>


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