Off Topic – Lousy Drivers in DC…. I now have proof…

So for those of you who have spent more than a few minutes with me know in addition to technology and CRM, my other passion would be cars. I like them all. (Ok, The Daewoo Chevy Aveo is crap as is the Kia Rio a soda can somebody put a crappy engine in.)

But I can't stand drivers here in the DC area. The inability of drivers to see the "Slower Traffic Keep Right" signs bugs the heck out of me. So now I have proof drivers here are lousy: Some of my favorite quotes:

  • Approximately one in three drivers said they usually do not stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

  • At least one out of five drivers did not know that pedestrians in a crosswalk have the right of way.

  • At least one in five also did not know that roads are most slippery when it first starts to rain after a dry spell.

  • 90% of them can't seem to drive and talk at the same time. (ok, I added that one.)

So wouldn't you know, the DC Metro has two at the bottom of the list and one less than half way up the list...

28. Virginia 83.5

46. Maryland 79.5

50. Washington, D.C. 76.5

A picture of my babies before we broke them up last year. The A6 Avant went away for my wife's SUV and the 80 went away as it cost me a grand every month or two to keep it roadworthy.

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