Source of Icons to help spruce up your custom entities

Tired of your icons looking  lame? When you create a new entity, you can associate a new icon with it. Well, it has been amazing to me to see the number of people who leave the default one there. In building a demo system over the weekend, I found some pretty cool ones you can use for free. Check them out and stop making your system look “default.”

I like the silk ones from this series:

These are interesting.

Some interesting samples:

Great Variety of them are also available here:

Some of the licenses vary and some cost money, some are free, some are for non commercial work only, etc… So be sure to read the licenses…

Comments (10)

  1. ak says:

    Ben – how do you load new icons into MSCRM?

  2. Ben Vollmer says:


    Check back in the morning… Directions posted for a 7:00 AM reading for you. 🙂



  3. ak says:

    You’re a champ, Ben.

  4. So after yesterday’s post, somebody asked how to update an Icon in CRM. Since it is a little hidden,…

  5. Since the release of CRM 3.0 there has been examples of menu’s in the "Action Bar" having icons next to the menu items. Such as this:

    While it appears that there is no documentation (at least not in 3.0.4 of the SDK) as to being able

  6. Free icons says:

    Over 15,000 Free icons,Hope they are useful to someone

  7. peter says:

    The icons at are great! Thanks for the link. I found these too, and

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