Microsoft CRM 3 for Dummies has shipped!!!

Microsoft CRM 3 for Dummies has shipped!!!

I just got my copy from Wiley on Friday. The book is geared towards the end user community. The book covers most of the end user scenarios that Working with Microsoft CRM does not. It covers things like working with the Outlook Client, Contact / Account and Opportunity Management, reporting, and much more.

You can buy it from or anyplace else books are sold. I do have a confession, the review above is slightly biased. I got paid a meager sum of money to perform the role of the Technical Editor for the book, which means I got to make sure all of the keystrokes, etc, actually worked. I would be willing to bet you my house and car that this is the last time one of the authors ever works with me. <BG> I do hope that in the future I will have the chance to work with the Project Editor, Susan Pink, again. She herded cats to get this thing done, put up with mom being in the hospital and my having to work on this thing on nights and weekends.

I highly recommend this book for the end user or non technical users. It will help you get your hands around some of the concepts of CRM and Microsoft CRM quickly and painlessly. 🙂

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  1. mennotk says:

    OH MY GOD…"technical" editor? Well i do not know how you made that dude, but congrats! I hope they will ask me the next time 🙂

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