ISV for Microsoft CRM 3: Eloqua – Advanced Marketing

I saw this solution at Convergence, but have been really slow in posting this. This solution is way cool.  If you want a marketing automation solution to add to Microsoft CRM’s existing marketing automation solution.  While CRM’s marketing module may meet the needs of clients, for those clients that want WAY more than what we ship with CRM. For those clients, this solution is worth your time looking at.

Eloqua, a Microsoft Certified Gold partner, provides an integrated, hosted, all-in-one demand generation platform that automatically and routinely nurtures leads and feeds qualified ones into the CRM system for immediate sales follow up.

With Eloqua, marketers get more visibility into the results of their marketing campaigns by linking together web, email, search keyword and other key campaign components into one powerful analytics platform.  And, Eloqua provides a single interface from within Dynamics for your sales reps to access their Eloqua tools including mass email capability, complete activity history (including web site visits) and marketing program automation.

You can see more about their solution at They are also looking for select partners, so if you are interested in being a partner, I would contact Michael Sitverv there for more information on their partner program as well.

Comments (3)

  1. Bill Anderson says:

    This is awesome…know anyone using it yet?

  2. Past User says:

    System is very powerful but it is expensive and difficult to use.  There are other options – just google demand geenration or marketing automation.

  3. Rupal says:


    Can we integrate Eloqua 10 and MS Dynamics 2013?

    Is there a way to integrate these systems using native connection provided by Eloqua 10?Or, can we use some cloud connectors to integrate MS Dynamics 2013 with Eloqua 10.

    If you could provide with some documents, implementation guide or videos to meet this requirement, it will be really helpful.

    Quick response is appreciated!!


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