Build customer loyalty by resolving issues quickly

As a Microsoft Gold Certified or Certified Partner, you now have a way to quickly resolve customers' issues using the same response-management process that Microsoft employs internally.

The Web-based Response Management service routes your issue directly to a team trained to help resolve customers concerns. Within one business day, you will receive confirmation from a dedicated Response Management team member who will also keep you informed about the status of your issue through to resolution. Issue status may also be tracked online. Typically, your issue will be resolved within three business days.

You can also use the Response Management through Partner (RMtP) service to provide feedback that requires no action or response. Your feedback will be immediately directed to the appropriate contact at Microsoft to help improve future programs, policies, and products.


The RMtP service provides a secure, confidential escalation process that complements primary Microsoft phone-based support. If these channels do not offer satisfactory results or cannot resolve an issue, you can use the RMtP service to submit issues on behalf of your company or your customers.

Examples of issues to submit:

·               Software bugs and problems with product functionality, or suggestions for new product features

·               Issues with current Microsoft licensing policies and practices

·               Concerns about a particular sales or marketing campaign

Issues to resolve with other methods:

·               For questions about the Microsoft Partner Program, contact Program Support

·               For problems with any Microsoft Partner website, contact Site Support

·               For pre-sales or competitive questions, contact Telephone-based Pre-sales Technical Support

·               For post-sales deployment or ongoing issues, contact Technical Support

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