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One of the most frequent questions I get asked from partners is around Microsoft CRM Training. So one of our local Partner Training centers has stepped up to the plate to offer Microsoft CRM Training to your customers through their partner program.  (You sign up the customer, they deliver the training, you make a commision.)


For More Information Contact:

  • Richard Garifo

  • VP, Business/Partner Development

  • Knowlogy Corporation

  • p:   703.532.1000


Knowlogy Corporation (www.knowlogy.com) has over 20 years experience in the delivery of information technology training and IT professional services focused on Microsoft technologies.  Our organization is dedicated to providing quality education and services to meet the needs of each of our clients.  Knowlogy’s commitment to delivery and innovation has placed us on the leading edge of the computer technology industry locally, nationally, and globally. Now, we’re pleased to announce a new line of hands-on training classes for Microsoft CRM 3.0 for partners and users.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your small-to medium-sized business and divisions of larger organizations increase sales success, deliver superior customer service, and make informed business decisions. The just-released CRM 3.0 version is more scalable and flexible than ever, and Knowlogy is pleased to announce the addition of hands-on CRM 3.0 instructor-led training delivered as part of  our publicly offered schedule of classes and as a fully tailored, client specific offering, starting in Q1 2006!


About the classes

Our series of hands-on classes includes the following Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 courses:

MS8526 -  CRM 3.0  Installation and Configuration

June 28-30 (3 days), Washington, DC.

Cost: $1,795. Dedicated: $19,494

This three-day course covers product architecture, planning requirements, administration, redeployment and upgrade as well as configuration, security roles, users and teams, and Exchange/Outlook integration. 

MS8521 - CRM 3.0 Sales Management

July 12 (1 day), Washington, DC.

Cost: $595. Dedicated: $6498.

This one day course covers the sales functions within CRM.  It includes lead management, closing the sale, sales productivity, and sales administration. 


MS8522 - CRM 3.0 Marketing Automation

July 14 (1 day), Falls Church, VA.

Cost: $595. Dedicated: $6498.

This one day course covers the marketing functions within CRM.  It includes planning and creating marketing campaigns, and campaign execution and response management. 

MS8525 - CRM 3.0 Customization

July 5-7 (3 days), Falls Church, VA.

Cost: $1,795. Dedicated: $19,494.

This three-day course starts by looking at basic customizations, creating custom entities, and defining workflow.  From there it dives deeper into application event programming, application integration and finally report customization.

MS8523 - CRM 3.0 Service Management

August 2 (1 day), Washington, DC.

Cost: $595. Dedicated: $6498.

This one-day course takes a look at contract management, case management, creating a knowledge base, and managing services.


MS8524 - CRM 3.0 Service Scheduling

August 4 (1 day), Falls Church, VA.

Cost: $595. Dedicated $6498.

This one day course covers service scheduling, scheduling administration, and defining services. 


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  1. Britt Ford says:

    I’m looking for upcoming training on the sales and marketing sides of CRM. Do you have anything coming up? Looks like I’m a little late for summer classes.

    Do you offer any combination specials? Two day classes on those topics?



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