ISV Support for Microsoft CRM 3: LinkPoint for Microsoft CRM – Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise Integration

I have been working with the team over at LinkPoint since they where called VirtualLogix. (ala SalesLogix) They have always done a great job of integration into the email systems most software publishers hate. (i.e., Notes and GroupWise.) So if you have a client who has Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and Microsoft CRM and they want integration between the two, here is your solution. J (i.e., they want more than we cover here or here.)

LinkPoint for Microsoft CRM Features

  • Integrate Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise with Microsoft CRM.

  • Log Inbound, outbound e-mail and attachments to MS CRM activity history.

  • Record e-mail messages on the Contact, Opportunity or Case level.

  • Work in either Lotus Notes "Connected" or "Island" mode and Novell GroupWise "Office", "Cached" or "Remote" mode.

  • Calendar, Contact and Task synchronization. (Available in August)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft CRM version 3.0 or newer

  • Lotus Notes R 5.02b or newer

  • Novell GroupWise Version 5 or 6 required

Pricing is very competitive and they offer partners a margin if they sell the deal with LinkPoint. J Contact Glenn @


Comments (2)

  1. Mike Shaw says:

    I used the MailLogix app around 2001.  If anyone has any real world experience of using the latest incarnation I would be interested to hear.

  2. Ben Vollmer says:


    Hello Mate… 🙂 I used them last about three years ago for one of SalesLogix’s largest customers. (And one of your employers too…) Worked really well.. Email Glenn, I am sure he would do a demo for you… 🙂


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