Multi Currency in Microsoft CRM 3

Arash shows you a cool way to access a web service from a Microsoft CRM form using a little bit of JScript... The cool thing is this gives you some ability to have Microsoft CRM call a Web Service for currency translation and show the other currency in the CRM window. I am working on building this and putting it in a CRM XML File after the launch... But if you want to look at Arash's code, click here:

After I wrote this, I looked at Philip Richardson's Blog (Philip is a Program Manager for Microsoft CRM Customization) He has another way to skin the same cat...!E1C114B0FC9B3FE!430.entry?

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  1. Thanks for the link Ben! It is true that there are many ways of skinning the ‘multi-currency cat’. CRM 3.0 is definitely capable of supporting this feature (with the exception of changing the currency symbol programmatically on the form – you can change it for the organisation).

  2. Ben Vollmer says:


    Thanks for the information… Do you know you keep forgetting to put the letter Z in your words… <BG>


  3. ahh… but I speak a different dialect of English!

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