Microsoft CRM Online Demo’s Available

Infuse your organization with new levels of customer intelligence using Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 3.0, an all-new customer relationship management (CRM) system that gives every customer-facing employee the information they need to truly impress customers. With Microsoft CRM, you can create a centralized repository of customer data that sits neatly alongside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook -- the applications your employees probably use every day. From Outlook, employees access Microsoft CRM sales, marketing, and customer service modules to make sales decisions, market products, solve problems, and get strategic views of the business. It's CRM that works -- and works very well -- because it works the way your users already do, works the way your business already does, and works the way technology should.

To experience how Microsoft CRM can benefit your business, register and logon to the Microsoft CRM Virtual Labs demonstration site.

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  1. CRM OnTarget says:

    Just wanted to let you know that CRM OnTarget offers a live CRM installation that users can log into and get ‘hands-on’ with the application.  You can sign up for the demo at and get login credentials immediately via email.

  2. We’re offering free ramp-up training with a consultant to guide clients in their initial setup.  You can learn more here:

  3. zendegi says:

    I Want to see the CRM software

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