End User Training Manual for Microsoft CRM 3 Small Business Edition

This training manual provides an overview of the processes and functionality available to Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. It begins with an introduction to the core concepts of Microsoft CRM and then focuses on marketing automation, sales management, and customer service processes, respectively. The course is intended to be introductory in nature and uses instructor-led demonstrations. It is intended for small business partners new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and seeking to gain an overview of its capabilities.


Comments (3)

  1. Ed Podowski says:

    Hello Ben,

    We operate a small technology consulting firm specializing in in the smb market.  We are about to start our 3rd crm implementation.  So far we have had an excellent success rate.  I just wanted to introduce ourselves to you. We ook forward to reading your Blog.

    Ed Podowski, Client Solutions Specialist


    410-821-1025 Ext. 100

  2. Kashyap says:


  3. banhinc says:

    Thanks for the training manual… great for the end users.  I didn’t it was available to the public.

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