Your Input Needed… Demo Improvements

We are working on putting together a new VPC that we hope will improve the demo experience. What we need is feedback from YOU!!! We would love to see some things in the image that you have been dying to play with, would love to see, etc… These would be primarily used for Event Demos and Overviews with you being able to blow most of it away for a real custom demo. So some basic things I am thinking of and NEED your feedback on to move / add / change. Some of the ideas received already include:

  • Desktop Search Integration

  • Integration to one of our Dynamics ERP Applications

  • Document merge set up on the Outlook client

  • Faxing set up on the small business server version.

  • 1-minute case escalation rule with notification so that we can show help desk escalation in a demo.

  • Lead from Web Site to CRM

  • Sales Processed Added to Demo Data

  • Removal of billing information from Contact Screen

  • Map Point Integration, Hide A Tab, Duplicate Decection, Dynamic Picklists for Account Screen

  • Dashboards

  • Business Scorecard Manager Integration

  • InfoPath integration

What would you like to see? Please leave a comment here on the blog with YOUR suggestions. No promises that they will make it into the image, but it at least gives us some ideas that YOU want. Please don't email me... I will read here and record the proposed additions. I Promise...

Comments (7)

  1. Ben Vollmer says:

    Comment from Walter C…

    Document merge setup on the outlook client – we show email, but I think a word mailmerge would be much more effective for our typical prospect.

    1 Minute case escalation rule with notification – or something that really illustrates workflow features. I like this one.

    Another comment – I love mappoint, but I consider this cutsie and of far less importance than an executive dashboard. For that matter, business scorecard manager would be a much better new choice than mappoint.

  2. ibiz says:

    workflow functionality is crucial.

    Plus removal of non-essential functions in win 2k3 to make it load faster/run faster.

  3. huhhuh1000 says:

    Please implement an option for whether or not the guest PC synchronizes its time the host.  Namely, an option to DISABLE this.  I find that although time synchronization is a listed feature of VPC Additions, it occurs even when VPC Additions isn’t installed (even when no OS is installed).  The point is that currently there truly is no way to disable it.

    This is a big hurdle because a crucial variable in our software testing is the date/time.  Messing with the date/time in an attempt to break our products on a virtual pc is one thing, but currently we have to mess with the date/time on the HOST pc.  By doing this, we’re just asking for some software on our host to pc to break, and it also messes up our file attributes.

    Thank you

  4. Ben Vollmer says:

    I would take that up with Ben Armstrong the VPC Program Manager. There is a work around I have seen for VPC, but not Virtual Server. The biggest problem with implementing this would be piracy concerns. (You get trail version SW and keep it running forever in a VPC.) You can turn off the sync, so when it boots, it will boot with the current time and THEN you can change it in the guest…. That addresses the main concern of piracy while allowing you to do what you need for testing. Since I focus on demo’ing CRM, you may want to check out Ben’s blog and ask him.


  5. huhhuh1000 says:

    I don’t think piracy should get in the way of this.

    If a person is savvy enough to run a virtual pc for the purpose of beating protection, I think they are savvy enough to find a crack or similar.

    Also, couldn’t someone just keep on installing the software over and over using differencing / undo disks?

  6. Jeroen de Hoog says:

    What about the integration of Business Data Lookup Snap-In?

  7. Ben Vollmer says:

    Done… 😉 Actually one better than the one published… 🙂

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