Launch Videos Part #2

I have been asked for the URL for the launch videos from a bunch of partners that want to host them on their websites.... Since I am not sure if everybody has a streaming media servers, I decided to make it easy on y'all. Here are the launch videos in a variety of different bandwidths with them being hosted on a Microsoft Streaming Media Server. 🙂 So all you have to do is create a link on your web site to these URL's and instant streaming media files are yours. I left off the 7500k file as it seemed a bit big for most foks. 🙂


DSL Connection 100k (URL is

DSL Connection 300k (URL is

T-1 Connection 750k (URL is

LAN Connection (Or Bigger than T-1) (URL is

Comments (1)

  1. About once a day right now I get an email for the Lemonade Video. [:D] Which is an AWESOME video we had…

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