Interested in Microsoft CRM Hosted? (Or Hosting Microsoft CRM)

There is a ton of data on how to and what it will take... Simon has posted the link to a great webinar that tells you about the "rest" of the Microsoft stack and how hosting works with it. Are you planning on hosting? If so, let me know so we can start working out some of these details with you and the hosting team.

Comments (2)

  1. Austin Jones says:

    We have been providing Microsoft-based utility computing to small/med. businesses for a few years now.

    We are interested in introducing CRM into our hosted/managed environment, but we are being told that licensing and best-practices resources won’t be available until Convergence (end of March).

    Is this true??? With as much hype as there has been around CRM 3.0 and SPLA pricing we’ve already landed our first hosted CRM client and we’re waiting for some direction.  

    As you can see we’re extremely insterested in any documentation/resource specific to deploying hosted CRM 3.0.  However, we’ll have to forge ahead on our own if we can’t gain access to any relevant resources.



  2. eunice says:

    Did u deploy the Pro version as SPLA doesn’t have SBE version?

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