Travels to New Zealand and the state of education

New Zealand is in the midst of lots of changes.  Some of it is politically driven but most of it is driven by a real desire to improve education in the country and really grow how education can make a difference among both students who have had access to technology and the students who have…


Microsoft’s new investment in the future of digital reading

We are excited about the opportunity digital reading has to provide new avenues for personalized learning to help students and teachers realize their full potential. Today, Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with Barnes & Noble to develop future innovations to accelerate e-reading across a broad range of Windows devices. One of the first outcomes of…


A turning point for education? Trends to watch in 2012.

Will the year 2012 prove to be a turning point for education? There’s certainly an ever-increasing spotlight on the quality of education and an interest to help improve it from all corners of society. As I travel around the world, I see many technology companies increasing their focus and investment in education. And I think…


Microsoft Education Partner Interview: Tribal

One of the things schools are increasingly looking towards is the use of technology and data to create an opportunity for transformation and optimization of student learning opportunities. I’ve blogged previously about how schools are using data better to drive more successful student outcomes, and how partners are building new solutions to help them. Tribal…


Taking Action: State of the Union

By 2035, today’s preschoolers and kindergarteners will be entering the workforce.  The students of today are laying the core building blocks for the workforce of 2035. That is why I applaud the focus from President Obama’s State of the Union address last week focused on innovation, education and students.   This triad is a critical and…


Japan’s progress on infusing technology into the classroom

It’s been just about a year since I first visited Japan (see earlier blog post here).  What intrigues me about Japan is that the country has a very technology rich society, but the school systems are technology resistant, especially at the K-12 level. I would put Russia and France in the same category. These three…


IE9 as a reading platform

If you haven’t already checked out the new Internet Explorer 9 beta…first off, I encourage you to go to to explore the potential for the new web browser. I’ve often talked about the potential for technology in reading, and we’ve seen the potential for digital reading on devices like the iPad and Kindle, and…


Helping rebuild Haiti by bringing broadband to schools

At Microsoft, we just recently kicked off our companywide Giving Campaign in the United States, which is a great opportunity for employees to donate their time and money to help support a wide range of charities that they personally believe in and are passionate about. One of the charities that I’ve pledged to support is NetHope….


Will “Waiting for ‘Superman’” provoke the change we need?

There’s certainly lots of controversy surrounding the movie “Waiting for ‘Superman’”… some debate around the value of charter schools, the impact of unions and criticism of teachers. However, some things no one can deny… one, we have to celebrate and encourage great teachers, and do what we can to cherish and praise and support the…


Why Microsoft cares about education and what we are doing about it

Sharing my blog post published on The Official Microsoft Blog from today… With the release of “Waiting for ‘Superman,’” the topics of education reform and the quality of U.S. public schools are getting mainstream attention. A lot of news headlines and opinions abound about what are the right and wrong solutions to fixing our classrooms and…