Office 365 for education – a game changer for teaching and learning

The cloud and online learning are key trends and opportunities to transform education today. And with today’s launch and availability of Office 365 for education, schools now have a holistic collaboration platform that will change the game. As schools face ever-tightening budgets and the pressure to innovate, Microsoft is offering enterprise quality technology for free that will modernize teaching practices and help prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Office 365 for education builds off of the great platform we've established with Live@edu and is the next evolution to provide a better experience for communication, collaboration, and productivity tools for education institutions of all types…while saving costs and delivering a great connected experience for students and educators. With Office 365, schools get Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Web Apps at no cost. You can sign up today at

Announced as part of the one-year anniversary of Office 365, prestigious K-12 and higher education institutions around the world are moving to Office 365 for education. Our cloud suite was chosen by the Scottish Government to supply Office 365 for education as the integrated productivity suite for the future of the renowned Glow Platform - representing upwards of 1.2 million students and teachers across the country. In Qatar, all 93,000 students and 15,000 teachers will have access to Office 365 at their fingertips. There are many schools across Europe moving to Office 365, including the University of Dundee that is moving off Novell GroupWise to expand communication capabilities on campus. These schools join other large academic institutional and countrywide commitments to Office 365 such as the India Council for Technical Education with 7.5 million users and the Catholic International Education Office with over 4.5 million users across 102 countries.

Students must be more than consumers. They need to be creators. They need to know how to communicate and collaborate with others. Office 365 is the best productivity experience that’s used all over the world and that companies are demanding expertise in. And there is no compromise for going to the cloud with Microsoft. The experience and features that you expect on the desktop and offline are also there in the cloud. Schools can connect all devices to the cloud, and every student and teacher regardless of location, to realize the potential of online learning.

Teachers can create curriculum, record lectures and publish them on online class sites in the cloud where students are able to view, open, produce, edit and share their homework. Office 365 provides new ways to extend classroom teaching time and distance learning, tutor students online, and whiteboard ideas. Students can engage in ad hoc instant messaging or video chats to collaborate on class projects in real-time, regardless of where they’re working or on what device. They can create documents with Office Web Apps that provides the same features as the desktop version of Microsoft Office, share class notes by synchronizing OneNote notebooks, and create digital portfolios.

What I’m most excited about is Lync Online which will enable teachers to create purposeful, personalized and fun learning experiences. The University of Massachusetts Amherst and the National University of Ireland, Galway are using Office 365 to create virtual teams and prepare students to be more effective in the business world than other graduates. They are immersed the very first day of class in the cloud. Take a look at the video below.

With Office 365, learning possibilities are limitless. And I can’t wait to hear how it’s helping to increase students’ success in your school.

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  1. John van Lieshout says:

    I'd very much like to know in which countries Office 365 will be made available for free with special interest for The Netherlands? I can't seem to find any info about a free subscription on the Dutch Office 365 product page.

    Thanks in advance, best regards,


  2. Dirk Loehn says:

    Same here, when will Office365 for Education be available in Germany?

    Thanks, and continue the great work on Office365

  3. Nyasha Tunduwani says:

    Will this be available for Head Start programs, would be a great fit.  We are an MS partner and were assisting a Headstart program that was looking at Google Apps because of price.

  4. Michael says:

    Office 365 is available in Germany and NL. Contact your local MS education rep .

  5. Marcel says:

    @John van Lieshout check overhere:

  6. BabuAsian says:

    When is it available in INDIA..?  May pls share the link..

  7. Teresa Webb says:

    Can I down load this program for free to my home computer? If so where do I go to do so?

  8. EP says:

    This is very disappointing.  Students now need 2 different accounts if they want to utilize the Skydrive and Office 365 simultaneously.  365 nailed the sharing and collaboration piece, but they totally dropped the ball with personal storage.  Students only get 500 mb on their MySite.  Our school has 6000 students.  Therefore, 6000 students will be uploading their documents to one document library unless we manually give each student their own site.  There is a HUGE functionality piece missing here.  

  9. amit says:

    Its nice to know about office 365 for learning it is a good post with useful information i like it thanks for share it..

    <a href=""></a&gt;

  10. mike says:

    office 365 :

    – emails for all with school domain

    – netmeeting

    – sharepoint its only funcionality for teachers webpages like "google gorups"

    share documents with students use free software MOODLE

  11. Office 365 for education says:

    We are office365 experts. If you want to implement office 365 for your educational institution, Please contact

    Sai Daliparti

    KR Tech Group | C3 Cloud

  12. Kawthar Tunisia says:

    I wish you could extend this office365 to all the countries in the world and schools not only the Catholic ones but all religions included. Thanks

  13. Igor Tavares says:

    Thanks for share! Congratulations!!!

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