Microsoft Live@edu to help connect millions of students and parents in New York City Schools

As someone who grew up in the Bronx, I am very excited about our first customer win as a result of our partnership with ePals. New York City Schools has chosen ePals SchoolMail service to bring an email learning solution to about two million students and parents…and Live@edu will be used on the backend to help create the secure, reliable and scalable collaborative learning environment. This move to the cloud will save the district an estimated $5 million annually on infrastructure and maintenance costs.

According to Gartner, in three years, over 50% of student email services will be hosted by a provider. So, with budget deficits at crisis levels around the U.S. and the world, and teachers being laid off…more and more schools are embracing the cloud with Live@edu, and now our combined solution with ePals, to meet the needs of teachers and students to provide new experiences and drive education transformation. It’s a rare opportunity to add tremendous new functionality, reduce costs and deliver more services to more people to help bridge the digital divide all at the same time.

Built on the enterprise class platform of Exchange 2010, ePals will be using Microsoft Exchange Web Services and Outlook Live to build the email system and new calendar application that will connect to New York’s on-premise system for teachers. It will enable better communication and collaboration among teachers, parents and students so families can be more involved in their child’s education and success. Together, ePals SchoolMail and Live@edu create an extensible platform that delivers the control, security and other powerful features that are essential to K-12 schools. The Exchange Web Services API, Exchange Transport Rules and other security aspects allow ePals to write robust customized policies for schools to meet their requirements of safety and productivity for teachers, students and their data.

From an IT perspective, Live@edu will enable cross mailbox search and dynamic distribution groups. The joint solution will allow schools to set up sophisticated policy-based controls that regulate which students, parents and teachers can email and share information with each other for security purposes, and what level of filtering, moderation or monitoring is desired for specific roles, grade level, or other school groups. Rules can also be applied for instructional value to email use, for example by facilitating peer-based editing, feedback, as well as to better communicate with parents and to involve them in the educational process with their children.

When I went to school, there were no computers in New York City schools. The capabilities for students to connect with a world of learning materials and resources provided by ePals giving students a global connection…and then the ability to share thoughts and dialogue is a tremendous opportunity for students to look beyond the boundaries of their city and look beyond the expectations they might have had for their futures to drive a more exciting future for themselves. Most kids growing up in New York sometimes don’t even understand there is an entire world outside of New York because it is so large. When I lived in the Bronx, I had never even gone to Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island until a few years ago…you tend to stay in your borough. These technologies can help kids gain a broader perspective on the world and help them expand their potential for the future.

I was a kid that used technology as an outlet and I credit technology with helping me envision a future. I am excited to be connected to this solution in New York City. Having worked with the school district over the past ten years, plus growing up there and the fact that my brother teaches at the largest public high school in the Bronx…I know these communities need support and inspiration and this will be a huge impact.

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  1. Is this program available for free for INDIA ??????

  2. Is this program available for free for INDIA ??????

  3. This is Microsoft's Power of its good faith to help needy persons. Some people thinks at every points Microsoft think about business task that is not true to the best of my knowledge & thats biggest example is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation owner by Bill Gates & his wife which program running to many countries for recovering some peoples from its ….. I am hardcore fan of Microsoft's each and every technologies during my childhood to till date and for my remaining life.

    I am a web developer, Software Engg, RHCE, MCSE, MCPD certified person & with the help of Microsoft Technologies worlds most software developer shaping its careers & save its family future .

    Many thanks to Microsoft……….


    Priytosh Kumar

  4. Erick Eliud says:

    I'm exited!!!!!!

    Thats GOOD Microsoft…………

    Bring even to African Countries especialy TANZANIA!!!!


  5. Erick Eliud says:

    I'm exited!!!!!!

    Thats GOOD Microsoft…………

    Bring it even to African Countries especialy TANZANIA!!!!


  6. Anthony Salcito says:

    Yes…Microsoft Live@edu is offered broadly around the world.  Please visit for more information on getting started.

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