Keep your students engaged with Interrobang!

One of my favorite new learning tools for teachers and kids on the Web this week is Interrobang. It’s a great example of not only connecting service learning and social responsibility to education but a way to connect students in project-based, team-based, and game-like environments.

Interrobang is a socially networked, mission-based game where students learn the art of problem solving by taking part in missions or deeds to learn about history, world culture, the environment, and the universe and then get recognition to share their stories. Kids are doing many great things…from starting recycling programs at their school to communicating with someone living in a foreign country who speaks a different language using technology.

More than 10,000 students around the world…45 states in the U.S. and thirteen countries…are taking part in these challenges, sharing their thoughts, and earning points based on what they're doing.  It's an opportunity for them to connect activity, collaboration, team project-based work with real context in learning. It really connects to the belief we have that service learning can be a powerful driver in getting kids more relevant experience for their education environment…and get kids excited about school and learning, and raise their social consciousness and application of volunteerism. Our Microsoft U.S. Partners in Learning program is sponsoring this in collaboration with the Smithsonian and Corporation for National and Community Service - Learn and Serve America, and Nuvana

There’s still a week left to compete for fun prizes like Zunes, Xboxes and netbooks. For teachers with class still to teach…this might be a great way to keep students focused and engaged during the last few days of school.

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