Microsoft Education Partner Interview: Agilix

The quality and the support of our partner ecosystem is, I think, a big reason why Microsoft is so successful. We have evolved into a company that really relies on a set of diverse partners to provide rich solutions to customers of all types and of all needs.  By embracing a wide variety of partners, we can not only optimize the way our technology makes a real difference and impacts a variety of industries…but we can enable partners to have a local connection to help address the specific needs of their environment, their community, and the institutions that they serve.

In education specifically, we work with hundreds of partners around the world that provide education institutions with access to additional tools and resources they need to be successful. At the 5th annual Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit 2010, I spoke to a number of partners about their new solutions and I wanted to share some of my interviews with you.

All of the videos have the common theme. As institutions start to evaluate the way technology can play a more fundamental role in the way we optimize technology for learning…we can also use data to guide personalized learning experiences and drive the best learning outcomes. Our partners are responding with robust tool sets to help institutions and schools effectively manage data, gather data, but more importantly use data to make effective decisions, as well as transition and transform learning environments to optimize on the outcomes the data is demonstrating. 

Agilix has a product called BrainHoney that integrates with Live@edu ( and provides tools to help teachers prepare lessons by matching education resources that align to state or country standards. Take a listen to my conversation with Curt Allen, President and CEO, of Agilix below and see how they are helping move the needle on teacher effectiveness with cloud services. There’s also a short demo video here.


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