Back to school…for me

Change is fairly common this time of year…new students and teachers enter classrooms and embrace new challenges as they prepare for the future.  Institutions put new plans and innovations in place to improve services and impact learning.  It’s an incredibly challenging, yet wonderful time of year. This resonates with me personally more than ever this year as I embark on a new venture within Microsoft.
Starting this week, I’ll be shifting my focus on education within Microsoft…instead of just supporting K-12 and higher education in the United States, I will now also oversee Microsoft’s worldwide efforts in education. I’ll work with institutions and partners globally to embrace technology to optimize learning environments and student achievement. I will oversee the worldwide execution of Microsoft’s vision for education and Microsoft’s partnership and technology outreach efforts through the Worldwide Partners in Learning, Partners for Technology Access, and Public and Private Alliances programs and more.

Like students entering a new school or grade, this change brings with it tremendous excitement and enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to the new challenge and I’m eager to learn about global innovations and obstacles in education.  I have been astonished by the commitment and passion educators in the United States demonstrate every day.  I know this is something shared by educators around the world…and while we all face some very unique issues, many of the struggles and aspirations remain consistent no matter where in the world you teach.  Identifying common issues and fine tuning how Microsoft can step up as a leader and partner with schools will be my goal.  We need to continue to listen and observe the hurdles in the path of our educators, students and institutions and share our resources, people and innovations at Microsoft to help impact learning and allow everyone to truly realize their potential.

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve our society’s true heroes…our teachers…and will continue to advocate inside and outside of Microsoft for the needs of schools and students.  Technology’s role will continue to increase and if we apply the right thinking and process we can deliver true breakthroughs and transformation. It is a humbling task all of us face in increasingly tough economic conditions and environments of tremendous uncertainty.  Education will be the key to continued economic prosperity and workforce preparedness around the world.  The global imperative to look to our classrooms as change agents to help build a better future is clear and universally shared.

I have learned a lot from my visits around the United States and have been inspired by incredibly hardworking leaders. I’ll continue to relish the opportunity to learn from you…and now others around the world.  In many ways, I’ll help export lessons learned from the U.S. and import good ideas from country to country.  As I travel to new countries and visit classroom of all shapes and sizes, I’ll use this blog as a bit of a travel log…you’ll learn as I learn, and hopefully I’ll be able to share insights that can help provide new ideas or shared perspective.

I welcome your input and support as I “go back to school” and try to learn something new every day.

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  1. Jim Fry says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your travels and experience as you visit classrooms around the world. Should be some interesting conversations and sharing at our K-12 Advisory group

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