Video of the week: University of Miami Saves Money, Delivers More with Virtualization

Both K12 and higher education institutions are increasingly looking to virtualization as an opportunity to save money, to save the environment and to deliver more value to their constituents. We believe that Microsoft technology supported by Windows Server provides a tremendous option for schools thinking about virtualization across applications, desktops and servers. See my earlier blog post for more on the benefits for schools. And it’s only going to get better with new features that will be delivered in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V and available to customers in the next month.

I am excited about our ongoing partnership with the University of Miami…their work on virtualization is really a showcase for schools who are having conversations and thinking about deploying virtualization solutions. I wanted to share this recent video on how the University of Miami is using an integrated Microsoft virtualization solution to drastically cut costs, improve server performance and management, and plan for more robust disaster recovery.

Dr. Lewis Temares, Vice President and CIO of Information Technology, and Walter Bechtel, Assistant Vice President, Academic and Research Systems, are two people I am most happy to work with as part of my day job. They get it. They are straight-shooters. They are pragmatic in their approach, but they want to continue to innovate on behalf of their institution.

Read their case study here and watch the video below to understand how they were able to withstand budget cuts, yet perform the same IT services with virtualization.


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