University Students Meet Their Perfect PC

I thought I would share with you some fun commercials that were created at the University of Kentucky and the University of Colorado at Boulder this summer. They build on the concept our highly successful Laptop Hunter ads where people are looking for a computer that fits their lifestyle and their budgets. In the commercials, they figure out which PC is perfect for them based on their needs and priorities…whether it is gaming, travel, entertainment, media creation, or family computing.

These university ads run with the theme “PC Hookup” and are a documentary of sorts, showing how the students choose a PC that meets their criteria and then how they spend the rest of the night using their new laptop as part of their regular life in everything they do. These ads underscore how students think their PC is such an important piece of their life...playing a critical role in their academic life and a centerpiece during their playtime. I’ll assume these videos were shot on a Friday night and that is why we don’t see the students doing any homework! Check out the Windows Laptop Scout website that has interactive tools to help you find the Windows laptop that fits your life.

Check out the student videos here.

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