Thank you, teachers!

This is Teacher Appreciation Week…a good reminder that a week is never enough to recognize and express our gratitude to our true heroes…teachers. To celebrate the week, and as part of our regular Teacher Tech webcast series, Erin Gruwell, Founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation and a truly inspiring leader, will be hosting a live webcast on Wednesday 5/6 at 7:00pm EDT. Sign up here: (

Whether you remember an inspirational leader from your childhood, a stern mentor who pushed you past perceived limitations, or a constant source of encouragement and support…I’m sure there’s been a teacher behind some of your best successes.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the teachers that have touched my life.  Greater still is my admiration and appreciation for our current teachers.  They demonstrate the very best.  They lead with passion and unwavering commitment, and dedicate themselves to helping others reach their true potential. 

Please use this week to reach out and thank teachers.  Every day is a great day to honor and salute our teachers!

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