Video of the Week: Imagine Cup 2009

Imagine a world with less poverty, hunger and disease, greater survival prospects for mothers and their infants, better educated children, equal opportunities for women, and a healthier environment; a world in which developed and developing countries worked in partnership for the betterment of all. Now imagine that you are part of the solution.

This is the bold vision hundreds of thousands of students will attempt to address by participating in the 2009 Imagine Cup.  This program annually sets a very high bar for student expectations and connects our students to the real problems the world is facing that they will confront as future leaders.

Imagine Cup 2009 Embedded Development Invitational

The Imagine Cup encourages young people to apply their imagination, their passion and their creativity to technology innovations that can make a difference in the world – today. Now in its seventh year, the Imagine Cup has grown to be a truly global competition focused on finding solutions to real world issues.  Open to students around the world, the Imagine Cup is a serious challenge that draws serious talent, and the competition is intense. The contest spans a year, beginning with local, regional and online contests whose winners go on to attend the global finals held in a different location every year.  The intensity of the work brings students together, and motivates the competitors to give it their all. The bonds formed here often last well beyond the competition itself.

This is a program that truly makes me proud to be a part of Microsoft!

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