Workforce Readiness Impact with CareerForward

What am I going to do with my life? What is the world of work like? What will I need to succeed?

These are questions our students will certainly ask themselves at some point in their education career. Asking these questions early and having access to some helpful and inspirational answers is increasingly critical. Our current students are preparing for an ever changing and specialized workforce...and many of our younger students are preparing for jobs that do not yet exist. When learning is grounded in core competency development, students acquire the necessary skills to embrace current and future workforce needs by developing a flexible skill base that empowers them in the pursuit of a variety of career paths. 

Developed through a unique public-private partnership between Michigan Virtual University, the Michigan Department of Education, and Microsoft US Partners in Learning, CareerForward provides helpful guidance to prepare all students to ask and answer questions on future options, interests and possibilities. More than 18,000 Michigan students have used Career Forward  --  what a perfect way for high school-aged kids to begin exploring career options and simultaneously get online learning experience. By means of an online course covering globalization, career planning, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, CareerForward empowers students at any grade level in middle and high school to take charge of their own education, career path and future prosperity. Students who take the course will better understand the crucial importance of their education and have the ability to improve their motivation and choices in high school and college.

Students, parents and teachers nationwide now have access to this course at no charge at

I urge schools to review the materials and consider offering this resource to their students. In addition to the rich rewards of the content, the process of taking an online course itself is a valuable skill that prepares students for the future online learning options they will be provided. Please share feedback if you’re using the program.

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