How technology helps Cambridgeshire Constabulary adapt to tomorrow’s challenges

The time had come for Cambridgeshire Police to upgrade from its ing Blackberry devices. The office could easily have opted for a new standard device for the entire force. But rather than choose a device, they opted to focus on a platform: Windows Phone 8.1. Now Cambridgeshire is rolling out 8,000 Windows Phone devices across the force.

The critical difference is that because the office is focusing on a platform, different officers can have different devices, each tailored to meet their needs. No matter what Windows Phone 8.1 device an officer uses, the constabulary can rest easy, knowing it will be secure, powerful and completely compatible with the rest of office’s devices.

The decision helps future-proof the department, because it doesn’t rest on a single device that will eventually become obsolete. Upgrades will be easy and can done over time. By recognising that the future of mobility lies in platforms, not devices, the constabulary is able to transform the way its staff operates in a cost-effective, flexible manner.

But of course, Cambridgeshire Police isn’t stopping there. When the office decided to replace its outdated Lotus Notes environment with Microsoft SharePoint 2013, the need to control costs was at the forefront of its thoughts. The upgrade also helped employees discover information, share documents and organise data more effectively, leading to operational efficiency gains and lower spending in the long run.

Cambridgeshire Police is even getting proactive, using the Microsoft Social Listening tool within Dynamics CRM to monitor things like public sentiment, crowd movement, and local infrastructure conditions. Intelligence is the backbone of effective public safety, and today, more insight exists than ever before, as many citizens share information using social networks.

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