Get ready for The Future of Work

How was work today?

Did you get stuck in traffic on your way into the office? Did you spend all morning answering e-mail? Did you sit through a 2-hour meeting you didn't need to attend? Did you mutter violent profanity at your laptop when you couldn't find the file you need to finish your big presentation? Did you stare a spreadsheet filled with endless rows of figures and wonder how anyone, anywhere, ever could be expected to make sense of this? Did you come to loggerheads with that jobsworth in the other department who just doesn't get what you're trying to achieve? Did you stare at the clock?

Was it just like yesterday? And the day before that?

Sometimes the days move so slowly that it's hard to see how fast the world is changing around us. And it is changing.  Just ask Microsoft UK Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin:

Work is never going to be easy, but it doesn't need to be this hard either. There are companies out there, right this very second, that have figured out how to free their workers from the worst of the tedious process work that fills up so much of the modern worker's day. How did they manage that? Well, if you come to Future Decoded on 10th November at London ExCel, you can ask them yourself:

  • We'll have visionary speakers like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Martin Sorrell, Ronan Dunne, Dame Stella Rimington, Jeremy Paxman and Sara Murray OBE.
  • We'll also have representatives from small businesses, big businesses and the public sector, each sharing their stories of how they learned to shed the same old daily grind and get back to doing what really matters.
  • You'll even get to hear Microsoft UK's Human Resources Director Theresa McHenry explain how Microsoft puts people first and uses innovative HR initiatives to drive high employee engagement throughout the company.

The future of work will be here sooner than you think -- even if 5pm Friday still feels like an eternity from now.

Tickets for Future Decoded are free, but space is limited. Register now.

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