Get practical insights from cutting edge companies at Future Decoded

You already know that the morning of 10th November at Future Decoded will be filled with inspiring speeches from leading minds in a range of disciplines. But you’re a practical person. You need more.

These big-picture concepts are all well and good,” you say, “but how am I meant to implement all this? How do you actually go about making all those grand ideas a reality?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In addition to aspirational visions of tomorrow, Future Decoded will feature talks by cutting-edge organisations who are already living the dream.  You’ll get to hear how they went from bog-standard to brilliant and all the lessons they learned along the way. You’ll even be able to ask them questions and pick their brain about best practices.

Join us at London ExCel on 10th November to hear from all of these amazing speakers. And the whole day is free. How’s that for practical?

RSA's Global Head of Social Media shares experiences and successes of driving a culture and communication change through the use of social enterprise in their business. Including: how to achieve social adoption in a 304-year old company; top tips on how to maximise social as a business tool; pitfalls to avoid and mistakes to learn from; how storytelling and great conversations can transform a brand; and the future workforce and how Enterprise Social plays to their needs and expectations.

Schroders has successfully deployed a new Unified Communications Solution into their organisation. This session will share the experience of what was required to make it successful with the business, what was learnt, and how the solution has transformed Schroders' business operations. The lessons learnt for the business and IT teams driving user adoption, mobility and productivity, the cultural changes required and the benefits Schroders are seeing of extending communication abilities beyond just phone, turning communication into true collaboration will also be covered.

Commonwealth Games' IT provider, NVT, used Yammer to empower the Games Volunteers, courtesy of IA Cubed. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any large athletics event. IA cubed demonstrated how putting Yammer at the heart of volunteer communications enabled NVT (Commonwealth Games' IT sponsor) to create the right balance between direction and empowerment, building a community of volunteers who played a major part in the Games' success. Yammer's networking capabilities facilitated the distribution of up-to-date event information and news. All elements of volunteer communication were connected using an intuitive user interface that kept roll-out time down and usage rates high. IA Cubed show how their work with the Commonwealth Games via NVT breaks new ground in the way organisations can quickly build and empower a workforce to deliver on a large scale.​

Marston's Pubs get social with Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Listening. Technology has changed the way buyers are buying. They are ubiquitously connected via their mobile device, plugged into their social network and doing their own research to solve their problems. This technological phenomenon has given rise to a new strategic focus for corporations. This is a time when a company's ability to focus on the customer experience matters more than any other strategic imperative to that company's long-term success.

Metro Bank was founded on a simple precept: to offer the best customer experience, how, when and where the customer wants it. Its motto is "no stupid bank rules" and its focus is on bringing back traditional retail banking, supported by flexible technology. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Yammer and Power BI, Metro Bank gives its people the apps they need to support the personalized interactions that are the hallmark of its business, and be operationally flexible so that they can take a best practice from one location and implement it across all locations. For a company like Metro Bank - where customer experience is everything - Dynamics CRM is essential to its business.

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust are transforming the patient experience with PWC. The NHS is facing unprecedented challenges that are threatening its sustainability. Faced with rising demand and tightening budgets, health and social care organisations are realising that focusing on efficiency savings alone - doing more with less - will no longer be enough. New models of patient centred care are required to transform the NHS. Developing and managing stronger relationships between patient and care providers is a vital component to delivering better outcomes while providing value for money.

Mitchells & Butlers, the largest operator of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, moved away from pen and paper systems to improve customer service, increase site managers’ efficiency and reduce costs. Gain insight into how the company deployed mobile devices, running service-enhancing apps to its retail teams at 1,600 establishments across the country, and what this meant for their business.

National Resources Wales is a public body formed by the Welsh Government in April 2013,  which works to protect natural resources in a sustainable way. This sustainable approach runs through the veins of the agency in all that it does, including how it gears its staff for success. The NRW has many of its staff operating in the field, which means mobile connectivity and collaborative working is a vital part of its focus on delivery. Learn how NRW's approach to mobility will help them deliver their purpose - ensuring that the environment and the natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained, sustainably enhanced and sustainably used, now and in the future.

Cambridgeshire Police serves one of the fastest growing counties in the UK, which provides a variety of challenges for its Police force; not least the delivery of a policing service that meets public need whilst working within the constraints of new funding arrangements. Determined to drive greater efficiencies and redesign policing services to offer residents 'more with less', Mobility and Cloud services help the force ensure ways of working with increasing efficiency to preserve the frontline. A key part of this is the ability to deliver the right mobile applications to users across each and every device, seamlessly providing the same experience and level of security. Join Ian Bell of the Cambridgeshire Police force to learn how they are benefitting from their Mobility and Cloud-first strategy.

Guide Dogs for the Blind’s story started in 1931, thanks to two women with an amazing pioneer spirit who organised the training of the first four British guide dogs. The charity has come a long way since those early days, and the charity's continued innovative approach has helped well over 29,000 people achieve a life-changing level of independence. Hear first-hand how Mobility is driving transformational change in the organisation, to enable fluid, seamless mobile experiences across a diverse range of device types and user roles. Learn how a Mobility approach can introduce new capabilities and create opportunities to improve the way you work and do business; reinventing the customer experience and accelerating organisational transformation.

Transport for London (TFL) are rolling out their next generation ticketing platform that provides significant advantages for both TFL and its customers in terms of cost, convenience and ability to offer significantly enhanced customer service. In this session TFL share how the organisation is delivering innovation and the implication of this work for the future of travel, in and around London.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator wanted to gain a competitive edge by focusing on what matters most to their customers: reliability. Drawing on the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting their elevators to the cloud, gathering data from their sensors and systems, and transforming that data into valuable business intelligence, ThyssenKrupp is vastly improving operations - and offering something their competitors do not: predictive and even pre-emptive maintenance.

JustGiving has become instantly recognisable as a way of helping people raise money for causes they care about. The company continues to innovate and take a disruptive approach to utilise technology for good, and has an unique data culture which puts Business Intelligence and Big Data at the heart of their business operations. JustGiving's strategic approach to the tremendous volumes of data they receive, has helped them transform their organisation and add more value to the charities they work with. Learn how the business releases their 'Data Dividend' to drive results, supported by Microsoft.

The Police Mutual is the UK's largest affinity friendly society, and has been helping police officers, staff and their families with their finances since it's formation in 1922. Although much has changed in the police service since the Mutual's early days, the company continues to evolve to stay relevant and beneficial to its more than 200,000 members. With systems changing over the years, the Police Mutual was keen to ensure the overall customer experience remained a good one, and wanted to maintain a single, definitive view of all customer information. Discover how a long-established business still stays ahead of the curve through a nimble approach to data management, including data storage and CRM.

Royal Holloway, University of London, has been able to automate the provisioning and delivery of services by moving to a hybrid cloud architecture, improving the user experience, enabling savings, and reducing the IT workload. Enabling Royal Holloway to improve services to users through a self-service portal, save £50,000 in support costs and reduces time routine IT activities by 20 percent and future-proof architecture ensuring the IT department remains a hub of technology for the university

blinkbox is a UK movie and TV streaming service that is enjoying strong growth however, the company's London datacentre loomed as a barrier to future growth. To quickly and cost-effectively gain access to the prodigious amounts of compute power and storage needed to perform video encoding, blinkbox moved to the cloud - specifically, Microsoft Azure. By moving its entire video workflow to Microsoft Azure and unplugging its datacentre, blinkbox will save millions of pounds, gain the ability to scale IT infrastructure on demand, and deliver a great customer experience on multiple consumer devices.

Plus, we'll have the following sessions from Microsoft experts and our partners:

Beyond the Omnichannel Tipping Point - Are you Ready for What's Next in Retail?

The retail sector has never being so competitive and the power of the consumer has never being so significant. The growth in omnichannel retailing to meet the needs of consumers has evolved into a major strategy for retailers across the UK.

This session aims to provide retailers with an inspiring look into the future of retail. What will the impact of future technology trends be for retailers? How will these trends shape the evolution of omnichannel retailing? What role will cloud, productivity and mobility play in the future?

Hear from Microsoft's Retail Industry Director, Duncan Taylor, and Brian Hume of leading UK Retail Analyst firm, Martec, about how they view the future and the trends destined to shape the future of retailing.

The New Age of Selling

The way people buy has fundamentally changed. Customers are ubiquitously connected via their mobile devices, plugged into their social network and doing their own research to solve problems. In a world where buying decisions are made before you can even engage, salespeople must adapt.

Likewise, as companies react to this change in consumer behaviour and the power of the individual voice in social media, it is no surprise that they are focusing their efforts on delivering great customer experiences. A true sales productivity solution needs to help salespeople become trusted advisors, and facilitate their ability to adapt by helping them sell effectively in this new world. Sales representatives and sales managers alike need to be able to cut through the clutter and zero in on what is important so they can win faster and sell more.

Data Influencer Briefing

Driving a Data Culture within your organisation has been proved to deliver significant competitive advantage and drive additional revenue and savings through unlocking the Data Dividend within your organisation.

IDC reports that £53Bn is available to UK organisations that unlock the data dividend over the next 4 years.

Data is growing exponentially and it's now possible to mine and unlock insights from data in new and unexpected ways. Empower your business to take advantage of this data by harnessing the rich capabilities of the Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities with the familiarity of Microsoft Office to help organize, analyse, and make sense of your data-no matter the size.

Attending this Briefing will allow you to get a running start on understanding the extensive innovations we're delivering around data that will empower your business with the tools you need to quickly uncover business insights and make smarter business decisions.

A technology approach to delivering exceptional Citizen Experiences

The public sector, including Local Authorities, face increasing demands to deliver more for their citizens with significantly less budget than they have been afforded in the past. This has led to organisations taking increasingly innovative approaches to how they deliver value for money. A best-practice example of this is the work that the London Borough of Newham has undertaken, to ensure the best of experiences for their residents whilst saving £millions each year through their drive for efficiency. Learn how the Borough has streamlined internal processes to manage change, gain a single view of their customers and launch special Portals to make it easier for citizens and businesses to engage with their services. Join the Borough's IT Director Geoff Connell to hear how the council is benefiting from a shared-services approach to model best-practice as part of the wider efficiency agenda.


Healthcare showcase of 21st century mobile apps

Join our healthcare showcase of 21st century mobile apps - and vote for your favourite - featuring Adaptive Apps with its next generation app for x-platform primary care, Medepad with its Nurse observation apps that integrates with existing PAS, EPR, PACS, and other specialist and clinical tools, Oncoassist with its decision support tool for mobile oncologists including adjuvant tools, prognostic calculators and formulas, and Mira with its in-clinic and at-home physiotherapy app using low-cost Kinect games technology.


Roundtable breakout discussions tailored for HR and Marketing Leaders

An opportunity to share and discuss key challenges and breakthrough thinking, hosted by the relevant Microsoft UK Business Leader and in the company of your peers.


How can the IT Function contribute more to your organisation's agenda?

Join the CIO Connect Team to explore the findings of the Microsoft-sponsored 2014 Innovation Inquiry Report, generated by polling 30,000 CIOs across Europe and 40 organisations in face to face interviews.

Insights and experiences will be shared across the key drivers of innovation success:

  • The disruptive challenge (and opportunity) of the changing digital landscape
  • Which part of the organisation is driving the innovation leadership agenda
  • The critical role of the CIO in enabling organisational innovation
  • The value of Innovation Partnerships

Reimagine Finance: Driving Corporate Performance

In what new ways are you using technology to drive business impact? Mobile devices and social computing are transforming the ways in which people connect with each other. The explosion in data and connectedness of the cloud has become a key enabler of innovation. Learn how you take advantage of the new opportunities that emerging technology presents.

Join us for an informative breakout session for finance leaders where you will:

  • Meet Microsoft UK's CFO Raja Krishnan, who will show you how Microsoft runs its 22 strong Finance team to maximum effectiveness via live demos.
  • Experience the power of Microsoft Dynamics - from modern applications on devices through the AX platform that integrates business intelligence tools and links to office, see how this capability can support the day to day requirements of a CFO and create Business Insights for Business Leaders.

The Dynamic Manufacturer - An evolving Business Model

The manufacturing sector has never being so competitive with growing globalisation, consumer empowerment, a shifting work dynamic AND the opportunities around new technology. For instance the Internet of Things brings "Smart Products and Smart Factories", 3D Printing brings additive manufacturing, rapid prototype and immediate access to parts. It makes understanding new business models, a re-alignment of the Supply/Value Chain, and the requisite supportive infrastructure a critical part of any business strategy.

Our session aims to provide manufacturers with an inspiring look into the future of manufacturing. What will the impact of future technology trends be? How will these trends shape the evolution of the modern manufacturer? What role will cloud, productivity and mobility play in the future? How will different divisions of you entire organization have visibility which drives collaboration and speed?

Hear from Microsoft's Manufacturing Industry Director, Colin Masson, and James Fleming, Group CIO of Victrex Plc, a global leader in the manufacture of high performance polyketone solutions about how they view the future and the trends destined to shape manufacturing.

Reimagine Human Resources for a digital world

In what new ways are you using technology to drive business impact? Mobile devices and social computing are transforming the ways in which people connect with each other. The explosion in data and connectedness of the cloud has become a key enabler of innovation. Learn how you take advantage of the new opportunities that emerging technology presents.

Join us for an informative breakout session for Human Resources Leaders where you will:

  • Meet Microsoft UK's HR Director Theresa McHenry, who will share how the HR Leadership Team drive the people strategy and oversees the development of innovative HR initiatives driving high employee engagement within Microsoft's UK Business.
  • Experience the power of Microsoft Dynamics - from modern applications on devices through the AX platform that integrates business intelligence tools and links to office, see how this capability can support the day to day requirements of a HR Director.

8/10 Relationships start in the office with Microsoft Lumia Smartphones

Conor Pierce, Microsoft Device Sales VP UK & Ireland and Adam Johnson, Microsoft Devices Marketing Director would like to invite you to come and enjoy the latest range of Lumia smart phones and find out how and why more and more people are falling in Love with them.

You will get to meet Cortana and understand how every Lumia puts you first with the most personal and easy to use smartphone experience. You will also find out how the best Microsoft tools and services help you and your employees collaborate and make things happen, using the cloud, wherever you are.


Customer Immersion Experience Lab

The Customer Immersion Experience Lab is an opportunity to discover how new technologies can enable increased productivity, collaboration and insights, wherever you are, through in-person interactive, scenario based facilitated 1 hour workshops.

Attend a session to experience a taste of the benefits available to you in the following areas:

  1. Work from anywhere
  2. Collaborate easily
  3. Gather key insights


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