3 questions every finance executive needs to be able to answer to stay competitive

Does your company’s business strategy drive its technology -- or the other way around?

That used to be a simple question. Until recently, IT assets were just tools – strategically no different from the paper and filing cabinets they replaced. Now the lines are starting to blur. Today’s IT isn’t just about productivity. It’s about better decision making. Smart companies see that the next wave of technological innovation won’t be about finding little efficiencies that make this quarter better than last quarter. It’ll be about the transformations that will guide businesses for a generation.

All this change leads to a second question: Where does that leave the modern finance executive? Now that technology is a driver of business success, it can’t just be the domain of the chief information officer. Technology matters to the entire C-Suite, especially the chief financial officer. If you want to be able to improve a company’s financial position and strengthen its strategy for years to come, you need to be able to have those crucial technology conversations. What’s more, you need to be able to use the latest technology to make better decisions each day.

One last question: Are you ready?

Maybe you’re well-versed in current Big Data analysis and want to learn about the road ahead. Or maybe you feel like you need to catch up in a hurry. No matter what your level, at Future Decoded on 10th November at London ExCel you’ll have a unique opportunity to see what the next generation of finance leadership looks like.

Join us for an informative breakout session for finance leaders where you will:

  • Meet Microsoft UK's CFO Raja Krishnan, who will show you how Microsoft runs its 22 strong Finance team to maximum effectiveness via live demos.
  • Experience the power of Microsoft Dynamics -- from modern applications on devices through the AX platform that integrates business intelligence tools and links to office, see how this capability can support the day to day requirements of a CFO and create business insights for business leaders.
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