What are the crucial changes in society and how will they influence our future?

You don’t need to be an expert in technology, business or government to see our society is changing. Every new advancement brings both fresh opportunities and unforeseen risks. However, the real question is how we can best prepare for and understand the potential impacts of these changes. These are some of the topics that award-winning journalist, author and television presenter, Jeremy Paxton will discuss. At Future Decoded in London on 10 Nov., he'll explore the crucial changes that are currently underway in our society and share his views on the key ways they will influence our future.

Cities are often called the “laboratories of democracy.” The changes we’re seeing in local governments today will ripple out across the country tomorrow, affecting both the public and private sectors. UK cities are undergoing a transformation – and that transformation is driven by data.

Data is illuminating. For almost all of human history, government was based on guesswork. Governments had to estimate citizen needs and resource requirements, learning from their mistakes as they went. Later, analogue datasets gave officials brief glimpses into how one facet of the city operated. This helped improve planning in the short term, but governments were still reactive and struggled to see the big picture. Today, leading cities have access to real-time datasets from all facets of city life and that holistic understanding changes everything.

Data is empowering. Real-time information fundamentally changes the relationship between government officials, city infrastructure and citizens. Officials can communicate with citizens at scale to improve use of city resources or even warn of potential dangers. Infrastructure can be repaired before it breaks down. Citizens can make service requests on the fly. These are insights our ancestors would have paid any cost to obtain – but today they’re actually helping local governments save money

Data is worth protecting. Local governments are being transformed by access to data, so being able to store, manage and protect that information is more important than ever. Microsoft’s cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, have the power to manage data at scale, turning it into actionable insights. And they have security accreditation to handle government business up to OFFICIAL – SENSITIVE classification. Today’s local governments are doing amazing things with their data, but those transformations are only possible because they know their information is in good hands.

How will your organisation meet the challenges posed by a changing society? What insights will drive those decisions? And how will you protect the resources that make those insights possible? These are universal questions that every business needs to address and Jeremy Paxman’s story speaks to the challenges we all face. Join him at Future Decoded on 10 Nov. at the ExCel London Exhibition and Convention Centre and learn what these social changes mean for organisations of all types.

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