Hear Sir Bob Geldof reimagine the future of education at Future Decoded

Many of the tools that will drive the jobs of tomorrow have yet to be invented. How can we best imbue our children with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving world to come? That isn’t a rhetorical question. It’s one every generation must solve for the generation to come. Before we can rethink the forces shaping our world, we have to rethink the processes responsible for shaping people. We have to reimagine education. At Future Decoded, Sir Bob Geldof will do just that.

On 10 Nov., Sir Bob Geldof will take the stage at Future Decoded 2014 in London to share his vision for the future of education. Geldof has devoted the last 30 years to improving the lives of people living in Africa, through the historic Live Aid and Live 8 concerts but also through his efforts to affect policies towards African nations. More than 42 million African children have gone to school for the first time as a result of the policies of debt cancellation, increased aid and disease treatment and prevention that Geldof championed. Geldof continues this work by supporting African economic development through the 8 Mile equity fund, which invests in African businesses. At Future Decoded, Sir Bob Geldof’s message of education for all will change the way you think about the future of learning.

In the past, education was a finite resource and its value came from its scarcity. But tomorrow will not be like yesterday. Technology allows educational resources to spread and to scale like never before. Teaching methods will become more effective, immersive and collaborative. For the first time in human history, an excellent education will be a basic right and a socioeconomic and workforce imperative. The world of tomorrow will be a world of education for everyone, anywhere, at any time.

The tools that make this new world possible are not science fiction. We have them now. Mobile devices and cloud services democratise information and make education portable, communal and engaging.  When education can scale across devices but still be personalised to the individual, it creates an environment where everyone is empowered to achieve more.

Future Decoded is a unique event, bringing together leading minds from across different disciplines to share their visions for meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Sir Bob Geldof will be joined by Satya Nadella, making his first UK appearance as CEO of Microsoft, and a host of other ground-breaking speakers. They’ll ask tough questions, but they’ll also provide critical insights into tackling the biggest problems facing the world today – and tomorrow.

Register now to attend Future Decoded at London ExCel on 10 Nov. – and follow @MSFTBusinessUK on Twitter for all the latest #FutureDecoded news.


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  1. Sam Tuke says:

    The future of the developing world is best served by technology that is learnable, deployable, and extendable by everyone. Specifically, by Open Source.

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