Don’t be #FresherWeak, be a Smart Student with Smart Apps

Top 10 Apps to be the Most Academic Student Ever


How can you live without Ted? Not the full-nuisance of a bear, but the inspiring talks to get you up for that morning lecture, to put aside wayward university romances and to purely focus on being the best you can be. Listen to the world’s greats, and kick-off your higher education with the right foot.


Left Nook? Right Nook? Just, no. Nook is one of the largest booksellers with a rich history of bookselling. I know, right? Where’s the uppercut? However, this useful little app with help you choose from a vast selection of Nooks as well as magazines and newspapers, so you can find that killer reference.

Windows Reading List

A simple name, but simply effective. Reading countless articles can be a real ball-ache, but with this cool, life-cheat app, you can top sending links by email and easily track and manage all the different types f content you wanted to read but simply ran out of time then and there.


That paper planner you’re toting around? It’s soooooo 1999. Moveinto the new millennium (albeit 14 years too later) with myHomework, a digital version of your favouriteay planner from last century. myHomework lets you track assignments, projects, tess, class schedules, and more. Enter an assignment, and myHomework will know then when it’s due based on your class schedule. How easy is that?

Khan Academy

Khan Academy aims to offer “a free, world-class education for anyone anywhere.” What else do you need to know? Want to learn about the housing markets? Khan has it covered. Same with ancient art and civilization. Or Monarch and enlightenment. Seriously cool and enlightening app. Impress your fresher friends with some useless facts.

Voice Recorder Pro

You know the deal? Late night, too much FIFA and now you’re failing to concentrate; you’re not taking in anything your lecturer is saying. Use this smart app to capture every word and it will even back it up in OneDrive for you to listen to on any device. Neat, eh?

Office Lens

Brainstorm? Creating mess on the whiteboard? Needs to read them? Office Lens is like having a scanner in your pocket. Like magic, it will digitalize notes on whiteboards or blackboards. Always find important documents or business cards. Sketch your ideas and snap a picture for later. Don't lose receipts or stray sticky notes again. Useless they are telling your housemates off for not cleaning properly.


Here comes the big guns. Having the excuse of ‘my dog ate my homework’ will never work again, thanks to trusty OneDrive. It is the one place for everything. The hideous photos on nights out, that assignment you’ve been avoiding or notes from a class you’re not even in. When you upload photos or videos from your Windows Phone to OneDrive, you can get to them when you’re on your PC, Mac, tablet or phone.


The best thing since sliced bread. Well, that’s if you eat sliced bread. OneNote is cloud computing in its finest form. Rock up to lesson, have OneNote downloaded and synced across all of your devices and see its magic perform. It covers literally everything. Also, get your mates to download it and if they’ve been able to attend class, you can keep up to tabs by keeping
track of their notes. Simples.


Evernote turns your phone into an extension of your brain. This award-winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life.

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