Epic Moments at Reading Festival

So things happen for a reason. Some things happen out of your control. Other times things just happen when you run of juice (or, battery, as others may know it).

Reading Festival is a great occasion. Attended by some of the greatest music acts in the world, covering a plethora of live ‘modern’ music. This year included the like of Arctic Monkeys, Blink 182 and Paramore, but needless to say, and as a regular music/festival goer, many of the epic moments are missed, or indeed, forgotten due to alcohol a phone that can’t capture it all – we all have those ‘festival phones’.

A smartphone generally ‘runs out of juice’ so quickly that you end up finding one of those self-charging units, bake up a cold sweat and end up missing half of the day. All this instead of sunning yourself, queueing for a refreshing cider and watching your favourite bands ‘rock’ out.

This Reading Festival I was armed with a Nokia Lumia 930 and an additional, portal wireless charging unit. I know, right? What is a ‘Portal Wireless Charging Unit’?

Well, festival goers – it may well be the best thing since sliced bread. That’s if you like bread. Or sliced bread.

I was given one of these ‘Wireless Units’ and was sent on my way to have an enjoyable festival (and trusted that I wouldn't lose/break/smash the Lumia 930). Throughout, I was able to have my phone active for most of the weekend. Of course I turned battery saver mode on and turned it off at night when trying to drift off in the noisy campsite, and quite impressively, it lasted all three days.

Pictures were taken, tweets were sent. Appropriate banter was had and on the Saturday afternoon through Bing Sport, I discovered that the football team I support lost 4-0 (Not QPR) - maybe I should had wished I had no battery left. Sigh.  

Nevertheless, the Lumia 930 has an excellent 20 megapixel camera to capture those epic moments throughout the day and night and I downloaded all the apps that I wanted and needed for the weekend. All the Social Medias were used at some point: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine as well as WhatsApp. The latter being used to show friends and colleagues I was partying Reading Festival in the sun. Nothing like a bit of self-indulgence.   

My favourite app out of everything was OneNote. To save a very wasteful ten pounds on an ‘Official Programme’ that you generally only use to check times, I used OneNote to pick and choose who I was going to see beforehand – and make a note of start times, stage and band name. This gave me a chance to see overlaps and  make sure I prioritised the bands I wanted to see.   

I then crafted a Spotify playlist around the acts I was committed to seeing and shared this with my other festival buddies to see where we could ‘sync’ up. It worked marvellously.

Even more impressively on the Saturday morning, I was able to take – somewhat foolishly - Jack Rodwell (who scored against Manchester United) out of my starting XI for Fantasy Premier League and replaced him with Steve Caulker (Who played for the QPR side that lost 4-0).

It was good, but in hindsight, it may have been better if my phone did run out of battery. Sigh, again.

Overall though, capturing those epic moments does not beat the thrill and excitement of seeing brilliants bands playing brilliant songs, but having a photo or two to jog your memory on a weary Monday morning does certainly help. Also, reliving these memories with friends is priceless whether that is discussing the highlights over WhatsApp or laughing at some of the photos on Facebook. And of course, there’s always some selfies in there for good measure.

Below are a selection of photos and please share with us your festival memories and how technology can help capture those ‘epic moments’.

‘til the next festival!


Woody - @StevenWoodgate


 The NME/Radio 1 tent packed out

Sun trying to break through late afternoon


Friends enjoying the sun and their ciders 

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