Take your first step towards the Imagine Cup with the Big Idea Challenge

Take your first step towards the Imagine Cup with the Big Idea Challenge

The 2018 Imagine Cup season is underway, and we are thrilled to announce the Big Idea Challenge! Pitch your world changing Imagine Cup idea and your team could win $3,000 USD, and technical resources to take your idea to the next level!

  • $3,000 USD - 1st Place prize
  • $2,000 USD - 2nd Place prize
  • $1,000 USD - 3rd Place prize
  • Judge feedback on project submission – Top 10 teams
  • $600 in Azure credits – Top 50 teams

Student developers around the world are asked every year to pitch their projects to investors, partners, customers, publishers, and even potential teammates. It’s how you share your vision, how you persuade people that you don’t just have the right idea, you’re also the right team to make it happen. Every winning pitch has a solid project plan to back it up. Want to win the Imagine Cup and get your project funded? Judges will want to know the why and the how you plan to bring your project to market.

How can you get a head start on the Imagine Cup? Create a three-minute pitch video as well as a project plan document and let us know what your Imagine Cup idea is all about. Your entry will be reviewed by a team of judges who will score it on a number of different criteria as described in the Official Rules. We’ve got plenty of resources to get you started: Take a look at winning Imagine Cup pitches as well as how to build your project plan, both should help you feel confident in taking that first step!

Start your journey today by registering for the 2018 Imagine Cup and submitting your solution to the Big Idea challenge from your account page by January 31st, 2018; winners will be announced in February. Don’t wait; 50 teams will win, and your Big Idea could take home $3,000 USD!

Pablo Veramendi
Imagine Cup Competition Manager

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  1. Robert Collcott says:

    Great idea 😀

  2. zarmeen mustafa says:

    where will competition will be held??

    1. Hello! The Big Idea Challenge is open to all students eligible to register for Imagine Cup; submissions will be made online. For more information on Imagine Cup eligibility check out the Imagine Cup competition page: https://imagine.microsoft.com/category/11

  3. lukasz says:

    I can’t wait for opportunity to take my chance in competition

  4. Chen says:

    No good teammates, 🙁

    1. Hello, keep in mind you may participate on your own if you’d like to; no team can be larger than 3 participants.

  5. Mortuza says:

    What i have to do?
    Only idea or coding?

    1. Hi Mortza, the deadline for the Big Idea Challenge was January 31. There is still time to compete in the Imagine Cup, for details read more here: https://imagine.microsoft.com/compete/0?skillLevel=0

  6. Eesha Agarwal says:

    When and where will the results for the Big Idea Challenge be released? Thank you.

    1. Hello Eesha, we will be posting the results by the end of Feb 21 PST on our Imagine Blog: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/microsoftimagine/

      1. Eesha Agarwal says:

        Okay, thank you. So will they be posted at 12:00 am PST on Feb 21st or closer to 11:59 pm PST on Feb 21st? Since I’m in a timezone which is 13.5 hours ahead of PST, hence I just want to make sure as to when to check the blog. Thank you!

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