2016 Online Finals Deadline Extended!


This is an exciting time as students around the world have already started to submit their Imagine Cup 2016 Online Finals entries! Due to a technical difficulty some competitors were not able to submit. Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you: we’re extending the deadline to March 23rd, 2016! We want to make sure that every single one of you have an opportunity to participate. If you’ve already submitted your entry, this is your chance to go back and fine-tune your project. For those of you still working, you can breathe a little easier knowing you have an extra week to get your entry materials submitted.

To check if your country is participating in the Online Finals, head over to the National and Online Finals page. If your country's name is listed with 'Online Finals' next to it, you're eligible! The Online Finals include competitions for Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship. The top two submissions from each category will progress to our World Semifinals round.

Some countries may only be holding one or two of those competitions themselves; for the remaining categories, you'll be participating in the Online Finals. Check your country's page on the Imagine Cup site to be certain which competitions they're holding.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on March 23rd, 2016, at 23:59 GMT!

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  1. Ketan Bhardwaj says:

    i am from india..i have qualified for the round 1 of imagine cup…can anyone tell me what should be the length of the video to be submitted in the round 2 imagine cup.
    When i visit the submittion page from my dashboard i see that it says that the video length should be 10 minutes but in the imagine cup 2016 : india website it says that in the semifinal deliverables that the length should be 5 minutes….

    please resolve our issue about the length

    1. I apologize for any confusion, the India National Finals page is what you should go by. We have updated the submissions page to reflect the 5 minute video requirement. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  2. Md Sayem Arsala says:

    uploading files for innovation competition round 2 shows error –
    “Ca’t get folder list. Refresh this web page, and try one more time, please. error”

    somebody please help.

    1. Please refresh the page and accept the OneDrive application authentication – then you should be able to submit.

  3. Adam Anderso says:

    I noticed the Innovation category is closed but the World Citizenship category is open for the Canadian Online Finals

    1. Adam, we have fixed this discrepancy. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

      1. Adam Anderso says:

        Thanks Pablo. I’m glad we got an extension. I’m not sure why the National Finals have an extra month to complete their project (compared to the Online Finals). Maybe next year the Online and National Finals could both end on the same date?

        1. Adam, the Online Finals winners have to be announced before the end of April to participate in the World Semifinals. It takes about a month to judge all of the submissions, so this is the latest we can push the Online Finals deadline.

      2. Chanakya Medikonda says:

        how to submit project

  4. Ameera Haroo says:

    Hi, I submitted 2 proposals for the Imagine cup UAE under world citizenship, the deadline was supposed to be 17th March, still have’t heard from them. Did the date extension apply to the UAE? How will I find out if I have been shortlisted?

    1. Please see the UAE National Finals page for more information:
      UAE – “March 20, 2016: Top 16 teams will be shortlisted for the local finals.”

  5. Dheeraj Khathuria says:

    Is it necessary to upload game software to one drive for the submissions.There is an error “page not found” when i press the save button.

    1. Dheeraj, or anybody else experiencing issues, we apologize for any issues, please contact us at imagine@microsoft.com to assist you with your submissions.

  6. Jarsh Bin Jarsh says:


    I would like to request you to update UAE page because there are contradicting statements like in key dates it says deadline is 15th March and in important notes, it says “Any project submitted after 16th of March midnight will not be considered as an entry for Imagine Cup.”
    Thanks in advance

    1. Jarsh, thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will correct it.

  7. Asim Sulta says:

    I am from Pakistan, can you please tell me that this extension of date is for our country too?

    1. This extension is for Online Finals only – for those countries that are not running a national final. Please see the Pakistan National Finals page for specifics: https://www.imaginecup.com/country/details/pk

  8. Sergey Gordeyev says:

    Hello. If I have only azure web application, so a client has to have only browser for using my app, what should I load as project software?

    1. Sergey, an Azure Web App is definitely an acceptable entry! Please create a txt file with the URL and any instructions for the web app, zip the txt file and upload it. Good luck!

  9. Anshul Verma says:

    We are from India and from this current page we are the information of last date of submission as March 23rd, 2016!
    and from the dashboard we are getting the last date as 21st !

    please clarify

    1. Anshul – this extension is for Online Finals only – for those countries that are not running a national final. Please see the India National Finals page for specifics: https://www.imaginecup.com/country/details/i

  10. Ammar Shaukat says:

    thanks. I was too much worried

  11. Nnaemeka Obodoekwe says:

    Hi, when do people in South Africa know if they made it to the next round

  12. gurpreet singh says:

    how i know my team is selected for round 2

  13. Why Iranian ca’t take part?
    Iran is not in Online Finals list.

    1. Mohammad – please see the rules and regulations here:

  14. Please how can I confirm that I am qualify for regional final .As I submit my task yesterday and uptil now I did’t receive any email of confirmation or rejection.

  15. I am not receiving any mail of rejection or acceptation. Please let me know about that .

    1. Fahad – your dashboard should show that you submitted for the competition and at what time/date. Please contact us at imagine@microsoft.com if you still have any issues. Thanks!

  16. Afaque Ahmad says:

    Is the deadline for india 23rd march,2016 ? Earlier it was 21st march.
    On the national final india page it says that last date is “Wednesday”, 21st march.But 21st march is monday

    1. Deadline for India National Finals pages can be found here:

      The extension mentioned in this blog post is only for countries participating in Online Finals.

  17. Rojaun Reid says:

    Technical Difficulties have cause us to not be able to submit our work for the online final we are located in Jamaica
    please advise

    1. Please contact us at imagine@microsoft.com to assist with your issues.

  18. gurpreet singh says:

    how i know my team selected for round 2 or not..plz help me

    1. Information for the India National Finals can be found here: https://www.imaginecup.com/country/details/i

  19. Simran Singh says:

    Wait, is the deadline extension for earth competition(Algae one) too?

  20. Bryan Guama says:

    Soy de Ecuador envíe los archivos que me solicitaron pero no recibo respuesta sobre si aprobé o no le agradeceria mucho si me ayuda con esa información .

  21. bing cong says:


  22. Qutibah abo-jom3ah says:

    i am from jordan i want to participate in imagine cup

  23. JhordanF says:

    Good excuse when teams that qualified for the semifinals will be known Online

  24. RaY0705 says:

    Looking forward to see Build 2016

  25. balwinder singh says:

    Hi .
    i am in New Zealand . i want to take participate in imagine cup . can you please let me know the procedure for New Zealand student ? Because i seems that on the National Final page it shows my country name but when i ckick on it it does’t work. could you please help me to resolve this issue .

    1. New Zealand was participating in the Online Finals which ended last week on 3/23

  26. gurpreet singh says:

    can you tell me the venue of national final 2016 in India.pl z help me.

  27. tarang dwivedy says:


    1. Simran Singh says:

      Last date for submission of second round was 31st March that’s why submissions are closed for now. You gotta wait for 3rd round if you want to participate, 3rd round submissions will probably be open after 2nd round result declaration.

      1. Simran is correct – please stay tuned for the Imagine Cup earth results!

  28. aakash loha says:

    When are the results to be declared for semifinals (India), any tentative date?

  29. Govind Singh says:

    anyone tell me the india semifinals results date

  30. Abhyuday Shukla says:

    I am from India and participated in Imagine Cup can anyone please tell me when and how will the results for round 2 going to be declared ?

    1. India Round 2 results will be posted on the India National Finals page within the next week: https://www.imaginecup.com/country/details/in

      Good luck!

      1. Abhyuday Shukla says:

        Thankyou Sir !

  31. Inderpreet Singh says:

    When will the result of Round 2 India of imagine cup announed ?

  32. Inderpreet Singh says:

    sorry for posting …didnt see the reply

  33. Ashutosh Sharma says:

    When the results will be out for online finals

  34. Joseph Azzam says:

    Hi, when do we find out the results of the games online finals?

  35. gurpreet singh says:

    can you tell me khalsa team is selected or not

  36. Mohamed Mortada says:

    Why’s imagine’s support email and Egypt’s Imagine support email are dead ?
    We’ve sent dozens of emails regarding the fact that “after submitting our proposal we never heard back as to whether it was accepted or not”
    and we never got a response to any of the emails sent.

  37. vasa yamini says:

    helo.iam from india if have any ideas where I have to submit or propose my ideas please give me a information about this coz im wiiling to participate in this competition plz give rely as soon as possible

  38. Matthew Stone says:

    When will we know if we (online finals) have qualified for the semifnal round

    1. Online Finals judging is under way and winners will be announced at the end of April. Good luck!

      1. Ashutosh Sharma says:

        Hey man i was wondering if the results will be announced end of april than when the winners of that round submit for world semi-round, doesn;t world semi-round finish at 1st may. Thanks and a really nice job for organises these competitions as it gives so much exposure to other people

  39. Andrés David Barrero says:

    Hi, we made a mistake in the software instruction document, I accidentally wrote that the better resolution to play the game was 1780×720 instead of 1280×720. i’m worried that this mistake may be the cause our game wo’t be evaluated, could that happen?

    1. Andres – your game will still be evaluated. The Imagine Cup judges are very diligent about trying different modes and resolutions, no need to worry. Thanks!

  40. Matthew Stone says:

    Should we expect the results for the Online Finals tommorow?

  41. ASHISH KUMAR says:

    We are from India .We submitted our project in World Citizenship Competition.We saw that the last date of National final in India is over.But we have recently registered for this competition.So,we want to know whether we will be automatically notified for the next competition or will we have to do anything else?

  42. Emil Krumov says:

    When will the semifinalists list come out?

    1. Matthew Stone says:

      Apparently they said we should know by the end of the week

  43. Alif Darsim says:

    i am from Malaysia.we have won national final in our country. And my question is, why did i still can change the material in dashboard? the deadline for World Semi Final is on 31 April is’t?

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