Announcing the 2016 Big Idea: Plan Winners!

After a lot of deliberation, evaluation and review, the judges have given us their decisions. It's time to announce the winners of the Big Idea: Plan Competition!

The 2016 Big Idea: Plan Winners are:

In the Games category, our winner is Monolight from Indonesia, for Monolight, their 2D illusion based puzzle adventure game!

In the Innovation category, the winner is TrollBusters from Slovakia, for their project moderateIT, an automated moderation tool that can detect inappropriate conversations online.

In the World Citizenship category, Team Bridge from Brazil takes the prize for their Project Bridge, a series of games adapted to help children with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome through physiotherapy.

Congratulations to all three winning teams, who will each receive the $3000 prize. And congratulations to our honorable mention teams, each of whom also submitted an excellent Plan, and will receive a certificate of achievement for their efforts!

In the Games category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

In the Innovation category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

In the World Citizenship category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

Judging for Big Idea: Design has already started, and we hope to see some of the same names in those awards!

Now that the Big Idea contests have closed, you should start gearing up to submit your project to the 2016 Imagine Cup Global Competition! If you haven't already, register now for the Imagine Cup category in which you would like to participate. Countries around the world are setting up their National Finals as you read this, so please keep an eye on the National and Online Finals page as well as your Dashboard for more details on how and when to submit your project. The competition is heating up with the 2016 Imagine Cup and we can't wait to see what you all have in store for us!

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  1. 龙 许 says:

    nice to meet you !

    1. Lu Habib says:

      Nice to meet you too

    2. 超 徐 says:

      Nice to meet you too

  2. 玉廷 周 says:

    nice to meet you !

  3. Phuc Mai says:

    Can I ask when can we receive the feedback from the judges? And how do we receive the certificate and the pin lapel? Thanks.

    1. Phuc, we hope to provide the feedback from the judges within a month. We will follow up with the certificates once all judging has been wrapped up. The lapel pins are no longer being given out as part of the competition.

      1. Yeferson Licet says:

        Projects with Honorable Mention, also receive feedback?

  4. Muhammad Rifky Haikal says:

    Nice to meet you !
    Can I request to correct the mistyped word ?
    In the Games category, it’s called ‘Monolight’ instead of ‘Moonlight’.

    1. Muhammad – I apologize for the typo, it has been corrected. Thank you and congratulations once again!

      1. Muhammad Rifky Haikal says:

        Thank you very much, Sir !

  5. 芃廷 陈 says:

    Nice to meet you too

  6. Lincoln Gachagua says:

    There seems to be a tiny redirect issue with NextFEM…it redirects to Pitch a Plan page 🙂

    their id should be 97418 not 97601

    1. Lincoln, thanks for the heads up, this has been corrected.

  7. It is a pleasure to meet you all! Congratulations to all of you who participated!

  8. 道伟 李 says:

    good evenning every one

  9. Vukheta Maluleke says:

    When will the submission lines be open for Imagine Cup Earth?

  10. The feedback from the judges has been sent to the first place and honorable mention teams!

    1. Elena Kardamitsi says:

      Could you please tell me where we can find the feedback from the judges?

    2. Fathi Rauf says:

      really? still don’t receive the email.

    3. Samuel Marks says:

      Thanks Pablo, only just found out I got an honourable mention. Can you resend the email?

    4. I apologize – this should have been posted on the Big Idea: Pitch blog post. Feedback will be sent this week to Big Idea: Plan winners! Thank you for your patience!

      1. Samuel Marks says:

        No worries. Thanks, it arrived this morning 🙂

  11. 艳琼 蔡 says:


  12. Vukheta Maluleke says:

    When will I be able to submit under the beginner level of Imagine cup Earth?

  13. 景静 田 says:

    nice to meet you !

  14. chaitanya sehgal says:

    when will the submission open for imagine cup earth?

    1. Vukheta Maluleke says:

      30 December

  15. GOBLA Yahia says:

    why there is no Any Videos For The Game Monolight
    And Other projects ? !
    i wanna watch !

  16. 旋旋 王 says:



    nice to meet you tooo

  18. anas esseroukh says:

    Can you please tell me what my project should be about I mean in the INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION2016 Imagine Cup Earth (Beginner) should I do whatever i want to do or there are some specific things I should work on please a quick respond

    1. Vukheta Maluleke says:

      You decide what you want to do but it has to be related to one of the articles

  19. Fathi Rauf says:

    Where we can find the feedback from the judges? Thanks

  20. Shah PC says:

    in whicch language should i make the project for the world citizenship competetion

  21. Shah PC says:

    in which language to code for world citizenship

  22. Adam Tenizbajew says:

    Good Job Guys!

  23. David Gonzalez says:

    Can I participate individually in the game category? Thanks

  24. Binh Nguyen Thanh says:

    Can I ask when will we receive the certificate? Thank you a lot!

    1. Certificates for all three Big Idea’s competitions will be sent out at the end of the month!

      1. Binh Nguyen Thanh says:

        I have’t received the certificates for team AniMoji, Mr.Pablo. Can I ask where can I find the ceritifcate? Thank you a lot!

        1. I apologize for the delay, we have posted the certificates to your profile!

      2. Muhammad Rifky Haikal says:

        Hello sir, we are from team Monolight and we still have’t received the certificates. Thank you!

  25. Resheil Agarwal says:

    Can someone tell me the total number of applicants ?

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