Announcing the 2016 Big Idea: Pitch Winners!

The judges have watched all the videos, reviewed the judging criteria, and made their decision. We're pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions for the 2016 Imagine Cup Big Idea: Pitch Challenge! The competition was extremely fierce this year, with many high-quality pitch videos submitted in all three categories. In some cases, the scoring was almost too close to call.

2016 Big Idea: Pitch Winners

Games: Digital Interactive Games, South Africa

Innovation: Octave, France

World Citizenship: Green Tech, Sri Lanka

Congratulations to all three winning teams, who will each receive the $3000 prize. And congratulations to our honorable mention teams, each of whom also submitted an excellent pitch video, and will receive a certificate of achievement for their efforts!

In the Games category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

In the Innovation category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

In the World Citizenship category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

Judging for Big Idea: Plan is just about to get started, and we hope to see some of the same names in those awards! And if you're still wondering if you should participate, Big Idea: Design is coming up fast, so take a look at the rules and get your entry ready!

Comments (22)

  1. Wagner Balabuch says:

    Thank you! I’m really glad! Congratulations from Apaixonados Pelo Cérebro (Brazil) to all the winners.

  2. Peter Rady Shehata says:

    I am very happy that my team is one of Honorable Mention.
    middleP team link is broken, it open the team image not the team profile, can you fix it?

    1. Peter – the link has been fixed! Thanks for participating and congrats on the Honorable Mention!

      1. Peter Rady Shehata says:

        Thanks, Pablo 🙂

    2. Adham Rabee says:

      Congratulations Peter, we are very proud of you! from team FOUR A – Egypt

  3. Lincoln Gachagua says:

    Would it be possible to get feedback on the pitch video even though you didn’t qualify or get honorable mentions.

    1. Lincoln – with hundreds of entries from across the globe, we can’t give feedback on all submissions. I suggest you submit to the Big Idea: Design and see if you can win or get an honorable mention for judge feedback. Thanks for participating and good luck!

      1. Lincoln Gachagua says:

        Like the way your so chilled about it 🙂 So I would be correct to assume that each competition doesn’t depend on the other ie Pitch and Design

        1. Lincoln – you are correct. They are not dependent on each other, you can opt in to any Big Idea competition or all of them and in any order!

  4. Yongyot Kuratana says:

    Hello, Pablo 🙂 when we will get the feedback?

    1. The judges are already busy judging the Big Idea: Plan competition, we hope to get feedback from the judges within the next month or two.

  5. Adham Rabee says:

    When will the results for the Big Idea: Plan be published ?

    1. Thanks for participating! We should have the results within a month.

  6. Elena Kardamitsi says:

    When the results of Big Idea Plan Challenge will be available?

  7. Judge feedback for Big Idea: Pitch has been sent out!

    1. Yongyot Kuratana says:

      Hello, Pablo 🙂 I already get the feedback from Big Idea: Plan, but I do’t get the feedback from Big Idea: Pitch yet 🙁 My team’s name is Keystroke

  8. Shirley Monserrath Martínez Cabezas says:

    Ecuador present again…! Thank you so much 😀
    Congratulations for all the winners 😀

  9. Abdelaziz Slimani says:

    Congratulations to all the winners 🙂 I wish I could be like you next year 😉

  10. Congrats to all winners and participants

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