Big Idea: Plan and Design Deadlines Extended!

Big Idea: Plan is upon us, and we've got some exciting news for you: we're extending the deadline for both Big Idea: Plan and Big Idea: Design competitions by one week! The new Big Idea: Plan deadline is November 4th, 2015 and the new Big Idea: Design deadline is December 2nd, 2015. If you've already wrapped up your plan and design documents, this is your chance to go back and put some extra polish on them. If you're still working, put down the coffee and energy drinks; you don't have to pull any all-nighters to get them done. If you haven't started, this is your chance: an extra week to get your team together and produce some award-winning plans and designs for your project.

To learn more, check out our 2015 Project Blueprint Challenge winners and read my recent blog on how you can win!

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  4. Christian Camilo Meneses Ortiz says:

    nice .!

  5. Roberto González says:

    Great !! . Awesome 😀

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  7. Geraud Nangue Tasse says:

    For the Big idea: Plan, can I submit to multiple categories ( i.e game, innovation, World Citizenship )!!!?

    1. Geraud – only if the project I different for each category.

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    nice nice

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