Check out three new coding kits from Microsoft Imagine today!

If you’ve always wanted to code your own game, summer is a great time to start! The newly launched Microsoft Imagine just added three more learn-to-code game kits. Designed for beginners of any age, the kits are free, easy to use and only take about half an hour per project. So, you can learn to code a game in the time it takes your dad or mom to make breakfast. Pretty cool.

Not only will you be introduced to the world of coding in a surprising and fun way, you’ll also be starting down a path that could change your future.

Check out this month’s new additions:

Air Hockey: Code scorekeeping, wins, and losses

Complete an air hockey game by coding in the scorekeeping, testing it out, and then adding win/loss conditions.

The Cost of Commerce: Supply and demand

Use your coding skills to profit and prosper in this world by helping players make stacks of gold!

Revive the Adventurer Alliance: Code up a comeback
Give a pair of heroes a second chance to close the dark portal.

Download these new kits or check out our full selection of coding kits on Microsoft Imagine. We add new kits every month, so come back often.

Start your coding adventure today!

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