Take Break Into Code to the Next Level!


We are very excited about the enthusiastic response to our new Break Into Code contest with hundreds of students around the world registering within the first week! Many of you couldn’t get through the tutorial fast enough, wanting to get your hands on the code and to start re-inventing the game as quickly as possible. Or maybe this was the first time you had ever coded and you stepped through the tutorial slowly and deliberately, learning as much as possible from each step of game creation. We are certain that you have incredible ideas on where to take the game, but there are no tutorials that could possibly match what your imagination holds. How can you take your code to the next level?

Coding is just like learning any new language, you have to understand the basics first. The tutorial most likely helped you along the way, but what you really need is something that you can go back to. TouchDevelop has great documentation that you can consider your coding manual. But for those breaking into code for the first time, we created something just for you – our Break Into Code - Coding++ guide!

Dig in and take a look, figure out which code pieces fit for the different customizations you have in mind. Make some changes, take the game for a spin and see if you like it! Let your friends and family play the game and make sure that everything works. Don’t worry about breaking anything, remember that you can always go back to a previous version. Unleash your imagination, bring your game to the next level, and register for Break Into Code - we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Comments (5)

  1. David Renton says:

    Do they need to use the tutorial you have suggested as a starting point? The reason I ask is that I wrote a guide for creating a breakout clone using TouchDevelop a few years ago (it’s is on the TouchDevelop courses page) and my students use that tutorial when I am teaching programming to them to create a breakout clone. They could build on what they have already done for that & enter this competition, but would they be penalised for not using the suggested tutorial ?

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      Hi David,

      We do rely on our Brick Breaker tutorial as a starting point as we need all students to start from the same baseline for our judges to evaluate from. But I would expect your students could finish our tutorial in 20-30 minutes and then re-implement any ideas they may have already explored from working with yours.

      1. Jonathan Renton says:

        When I register it asks me to confirm I am at least 16, but I am only 15.

  2. Nazaire Shabazz says:

    When will the first decisions be made?

  3. pulkit aggarwal says:

    when the results for ‘ Break Into Code ‘ will be declared ?

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