January Code Hunt Winners

The competition in last month's Code Hunt Challenge was fierce, and it was anyone's game right up to the finish. Congratulations to our winner, Adam Żychowski of Poland! Adam was a runner-up in both October and November, so it's great to see him finally fight his way to the top of the charts for a well-deserved win.

Our runners-up were Fabian Aiteanu, Richard Gebauer, Henning Dieterichs, Iskandar Setiadi, Rodrigo A. Chaves Fernández, and Alexander Ermichev. Great job, all of you!

Remember, the next Code Hunt Challenge begins on February 21st at 00:01 GMT. Set a reminder, and take your best shot at the $1000 prize!

Comments (2)

  1. saptarsi basu says:

    Does Code Hunt participants get opportunity to be hired by Microsoft?

  2. Ильхом Рахимов says:


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