In Review: The 2014 Imagine Cup World Finals


The 2014 Imagine Cup World Finals have ended, and what a week it was!

If you're just catching up, we have a lot to share about the event.

Complete Winners

Read all about the Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship winners and congratulations to team Eyenaemia from Australia for winning the World Championships!

And don't forget to catch up on our Apps for Office Challenge winners, Windows & Windows Phone Challenge winner, Facebook Creativity Award Winners, and our two AppCampus Award winners, all of whom also joined us in Seattle for World Finals.

Winner Videos

Want to learn about our nine top winners in Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship? We have videos! You can find all nine team profile videos at our Channel 9 page.

World Championships

You can watch the complete World Championships event and see Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, founder Hadi Partovi, and Reddit GM Erik Martin test our three top teams live on stage to see which one takes home the Imagine Cup! It's a great show and really inspiring. Check it out!


We kept the blogs coming all week long:

Imagine Cup TV

And somehow John and Golnaz managed to kick out a slew of Imagine Cup TV episodes:

It's been amazing and I'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the 2014 World Finals possible: the students, the judges, the mentors, and the staff.

We'll be back in September with a whole new season of Imagine Cup!

John Scott Tynes
Imagine Cup Program Lead
Microsoft Student Developers

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