The 2014 Facebook Creativity Award

Code. With Friends. You can reach more people and keep them more engaged with your app by integrating Facebook! Integrate Facebook's Parse Core - Social with Facebook Login and Data APIs in your project and enable users to bring the identity they've cultivated on Facebook to your app.

All World Finalist teams using Facebook Login are invited to apply for this award and one winner will be selected from all entries based on the quality, creativity, and effectiveness of their integration with Facebook.

Grand Prize

The winner will receive $25,000 in Facebook Advertising Credits to help you drive even greater distribution of your application.

World Finalist teams can sign up for this contest once we announce the list of all World Finalists in early June. The submission deadline will be July 21st, just before the start of our Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle.

For more information, check out the official Facebook Creativity Award page!

Last Year’s Winner

At the Imagine Cup 2013 World Finals, Team AYNI from Ecuador won the Facebook Creativity Award. They are launching their app shortly and you can watch a video trailer for their project or watch a full demo now! Congratulations to Team AYNI and best of luck to all our World Finals teams competing for this year’s award.

Comments (10)

  1. Teodor Cristian Rădoi says:

    When will be announced the Windows & Windows Phone Challenge winners?

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      Hi Teodor,

      We will announce the winners alongside the World Finals teams in the next week!

  2. Jermaine McDonald says:

    John you guys really know how to keep the tension and pressure going…lol. I would have certainly been easier for my nerves to just see the finalists posted…I don’t think my team and I will sleep until next Thursday…In the meantime we keep working and improving…

    1. Lazar Radosavljevic says:

      I know what you are talking about 😀

    2. Mark Kreuzer says:

      Hey Jermanine it is the same here for our team 😉 The most nerve thrilling fact is that the finalists could be announced every day from now on and we don’t know when exactly and that makes it really exciting.

    3. Rachel Aitaru says:

      I know, you’re right but have faith……it works wonders

  3. hardik Aneja says:

    Hi,I wanted to ask one thing.Do MSPs get a chance to be there in seattle?I am a MSP from India and I heard that some MSPs get a chance to be there.

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      Hello! We are bringing a limited number of MSPs to Seattle as part of the World Finals event. I don’t work on that program and I’m not sure if all of them have been chosen yet, but you can talk to your MSP contact at Microsoft India for more information.

  4. Rachel Aitaru says:

    I surely can’t wait for Thursday ….

  5. Anto Yesuraj says:

    I was selected as MSP in the year 2011. In November 2013 My MSP Expired and removed from MSFT india. My Id, . Unique ID: M974 . Can i get chance to visit Seattle. My Guru G Bill G home town. then Mother Melinda Gates foundation is there

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