World Semifinals 2014 Update

Wow! We've had a very busy spring here at Imagine Cup as our National Finals contests around the planet happened over the course of January through April. From thousands of teams worldwide we've selected the best student technology projects to go to the next round.

Our 2014 World Semifinals are now underway. We have more than 170 student teams from 76 countries competing in the Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship categories. From Senegal to Serbia, New Zealand to Nepal, the United States to Uruguay, it's an incredible lineup of top talent.

For the first time ever, you can now meet these teams and learn about their projects right here on our website. Visit our new Team Gallery page and you can start exploring! You can check out teams from your country, or find out what fun projects students are making for our Games category.

We've recruited judges from all over the world, including both Microsoft staff and veteran technologists from our Microsoft MVP program. They are pouring over our students' projects: watching presentation videos, reading documents, and installing actual software to see how well it works.

Meanwhile, our student teams are also competing for two great World Semifinals awards! The Skype Award will recognize three top student teams with $5,000 each and the Visual Studio Online Boost will give nine teams $1,000.

Who will win? In early June we'll announce which teams are advancing to our Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals in Seattle, Washington, USA.

John Scott Tynes
Imagine Cup Program Lead
Microsoft Student Developers

Comments (10)

  1. Jermaine McDonald says:

    Thanks for the update John. Nice to get a chance to see what the other teams have been up to…

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      I agree! It’s been terrific to see the teams fill out their profiles and show the world their projects.

  2. Mark Kreuzer says:

    I really like the Team Gallery and the filters make it really fun to look for projects.

    BTW: Great that there is the Skype Award and the VOS Boost. We used both all the time because our team lives in different parts of Germany.

  3. Ifeoluwa Arowosegbe says:

    Hello John, I’m wondering why the winners of the brain games are not being announced. Has it being discontinued? I would really love to know, thanks.

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      Hi Ifeoluwa,

      We’ve contacted the winners of the February and March Brain Games directly but have had too much other news to share here lately to write about it yet. We’ll be contacting the April winner shortly.

  4. Anto Yesuraj says:

    Please give chance to poor students plz understand the pain of poor student. Next big unimaginable things happens. Poor students facing so many problems plz give a platform for poor student

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      Access to resources like computers and internet is definitely an issue for many of our students. Mostly they are able to use school computers and internet for their projects even when they can’t at home.

  5. Anto Yesuraj says:

    I want to build but in village i have no source and facility because i am poor no one helping hands here.

  6. Georgios Marios Papadopoulos says:

    Thanks for the update. When will we know the world finalists? Also, how many teams pass from the world-semi-finals to world-finals? Thanks.

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      We will announce the World Finalist teams later this week and you’ll learn everything then. 🙂

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