Are You Ready For The April 15 Submission Deadline?

Hello amazing online Imagine Cup competitors, this is a friendly reminder that the deadline for submitting your entry materials is Monday, April 15 at 23:59 GMT.  (Hint: use this handy time zone converter

Here’s a few more tips: 

  • Try not to upload at the last minute. There are going to be thousands of
    students uploading at the same time and our servers will be hard at work.


  • Uploading may take a little while so make sure you plan for it. If you
    have tried uploading multiple times and it just will not work, take a
    screenshot and send us an email at


  • Make sure that your entry documents are exactly what are requested,
    check the rules for your competition and double check that your entry documents
    have the right formats, length and size.


Best of luck to you!


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