Meet Our Windows 8 App Challenge Captain

This week we're diving into our Windows 8 App Challenge! We'd like to introduce you to Jura Clapman, our Captain for this challenge. Jura works for Microsoft in our Windows 8 group and loves our new OS. In this video you'll meet Jura, hear why she is excited about Windows 8, and she'll even show you a cool trick that I sure didn't know. I hope you enjoy this video from Jura and if you have questions about the challenge or about Windows 8, just sign in and visit our Community forum where Jura can answer your questions. Interested in getting started with Windows 8? See below for Jura's recommended first steps.

For those of you just getting started, Jura suggests the following first steps:

  1. Read the rules! We need to be fair to everyone, so please make sure you follow the rules for entry or you may be disqualified. Find the official challenge rules and other important challenge information here.
  2. Install Windows 8 and install some apps from the Windows Store to get familiar with the Windows 8 user experience. Contact your school’s administration for details on how to get your free copy of Windows 8 through the DreamSpark Premium subscription.
  3. Download the developer tools, they’re all free.
  4. Check out the Windows Store App Samples Gallery. There are samples covering a majority of the API surface in Windows 8. Borrow freely to build out the basics in your app or learn how to implement feature so you can focus on the unique scenarios that will make your app stand out.
  5. Get dreaming, get building! Don’t forget, you can never have too much time to build your app. Start now to give your team maximum time. Also, leave time to finish your first version and submit it to the Store so you can use real user feedback to improve the app before you submit it for the Challenge.

John Scott Tynes
Imagine Cup Competition Manager
Microsoft Academic Programs

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