Re-imagining Work: Shifts in the Digital Revolution

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, imagines what might be possible if organisations really began to think differently about the power of technological and social change to transform the way we do business.  


Mistrust of employees halts a greater uptake of Anywhere Working

Microsoft-commissioned study reveals vast majority of office workers say they are more productive working away from the office but fear how it is perceived by their colleagues. According to a new study on flexible working commissioned by Microsoft, a massive 70 per cent of British office workers, who are able to work away from the…


POINT. TALK. TOUCH. Welcome to the wonderful world of natural user interfaces

For the last four decades, using a computer meant sitting down, looking at a screen and using a keyboard and, sometimes, a mouse. Today, new technology enables much more intuitive ways of interacting with computers. If you think touch screens and Kinect-controlled video games were state of the art, think again. What’s coming next is…


20 things you didn’t know you could do with natural user interfaces

1.    Safer heart surgery. Surgeons are using Kinect to access patient records from the operating room to avoid scrubbing in and out during complex procedures. 2.    Assess motor skills. A specialist children’s hospital in Miami has developed interactive avatars to allow patients to become more familiar with technology and to watch and assess important motor skills in…


From reports to insight: How Microsoft’s Finance team is benefiting from Microsoft business intelligence technology

Business intelligence sounds like something every company would want, but what does it mean in practice? We spoke to Paul Marten, Senior Finance Controller for Microsoft’s UK Business and Support unit to find out how he is using Microsoft’s own BI software to transform the role of finance. Over the last eight years, finance’s role…


Your vision of the enterprise data centre – does it have a future?

Cloud is big. And by the looks of things, it’s going to grow to become the main focus for enterprise IT in the coming years – whether through public or private cloud. But where does this leave our faithful old datacentre? Does it still have a future in enterprise IT? Are we looking at some kind…


Build your own gadgets

If, like me, you’re a bit of a geek and you enjoyed playing with LEGO as a kid, .NET Gadgeteer could be the perfect Christmas gift. It’s an open-source toolkit for building small electronic devices like digital cameras or mini-robots, using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express. It lets you build gadgets…


Royal Mail Group reduces costs by 20 percent with automated deployments and private cloud

In a move that would even make Postman Pat raise his hat – the Royal Mail Group have decided to upgrade its 27,000 computers to the Windows 7 operating system. Royal Mail Group delivers postal services to every household in the United Kingdom—more than 28.8 million addresses—through a network of 12,000 post offices, 2,000 processing sites,…